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  1. The report from WTV that Dixons are referring to is in fact the engineers report that I paid for and sent to them to substanciate my case, They are saying that they ( Dixons ) have spoken to them ( WTV ) and are now trying to use this against me.
  2. Hi I received a letter back from Dixons to day. Dear Mr ------- Thank you for your letter dated 25th February 2008. I was concerned to learn about the problems you have experienced with your Sony HDFE50A. I have spoken to the engineer from WTV and he has advised that although TV has a fault with the optical block assembly, the fault is neither common nor inherant. For this reason we are unable to help you with the cost of repairing this item. As the problem has not been proved to be caused by a manufacturing defect we cannot refund the cost for the engineer visit either.
  3. Hi To everyone, this is my first post so I hope someone can help with my problem. Here Goes: I purchased my Sony KDFE50A12U TV online from Dixons for £1218.95 on the 15th. May 2006. Since which I have been very pleased and proud to own what I thought to be a great piece of kit. However about the end of November 2007 I noticed that the picture started to have what I can only describe as purple / blue blobs around the middle of the screen. I got in touch with Dixons and they just didnt want to know, so I have had an independent engineers report £58.75 that it has a faulty Light Engin
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