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  1. I'm currently in a dispute with Orange and am looking for the address of the Chief Executive. Can anybody help?
  2. I'm claiming on behalf of a sports & social club hence a business account. So far in the letters, prelim and lba I've included the name of the club and my own name as its representative. Do I need to include the names of the committee or the trustees? I'm going to re-send the lba by recorded delivery so I can include other names if necessary. Can anybody help?
  3. Hi Photoman - great idea, I've been struggling because of the differences with business claims. I have used personal templates for both initial and lba letters although I avoided references consumer and data protection issues. What is the issue re interest rates?
  4. Thanks once again. Yes I'll take the opportunity to remove the reference to s.69 interest. I'll let you know the outcome.
  5. Thanks fellas, I'll send another lba by RD and give them another 14 days. Steven, it is a business account - for a sports and social club - I have tailored the letters to avoid reference to consumer or data protection issues. Is there anything else I should do?
  6. Thanks guys. No I didn't send them recorded delivery. I copied the lba to the CEO - Gordon Pell - on 9 August highlighting the discourtesy of not receiving a reply and would have expected at least an interim letter from his office! Can I really go straight to the court process without a reply from them? If so I'll get back to you before I take the papers - by hand this time!
  7. Hi all, Am I in terminal trouble with my claim? I've sent initial letter and LBA but to Bishopsgate, London instead of Edinburgh. I haven't received a response to either letter and I should now have progressed to court action. To make matters worse I've included the s.69 interest in my claim (the claim is just under 5k and the interest is over 1k). Do I need to re-issue the letters to the Edinburgh address and omit the 8% interest or just continue????? Has anyone been here? Is it as bad as I think?
  8. NatWest have failed to respond to my initial letter by the 2nd August deadline and I wish to send a further letter to Gordon Pell, Chief Exec., Retail Markets, pointing out the discourtesy, with a request that he review the complaint and giving him a further 14 days to reply. I suspect the bank may simply be being coy but they claim not to have an address for him suggesting instead that they only have an address for the Group Chief Exec. in Edinburgh. Does anyone know where I can track him down - I would have thought it would be a London location. I'll be grateful for any input.
  9. Hi, just a brief note by way of introduction to say hello and seek some early advice. I'm helping a sports and social club that is in some financial difficulties and that has also fallen prey to the banks practice of raising fee income in the same way as they would from individuals. Can anybody tell me if such clubs are able to reclaim charges in the same way as individuals? I think we have sufficient account detail, so we don't need to rely on the Data Protection Act. Grateful for any help.
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