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  1. Just heard from a contact at Barclays contact centre at Sunderland. The trainer featured on Whistleblower has been sacked and the rest of the call centre staff featured have been told not to come back until Monday. All hell has broken lose and they're having meetings left, right and centre to sort it out. Feel its slightly unfair to take it out on the call centre staff when they are just doing what the managment at higher levels told them to do. The program just showed a typical day in the life of the contact centre. This is not a one off. I worked there six years ago and it was exactly the sa
  2. Hello, new to all this but felt I had to make a comment. I used to work on the Barclays 'outbound' department at Doxford park, Sunderland, that was featured in last nights Whistleblower. We set it up in 2001 and its still exactly the same. The 'account executives' were still using the same sales speel that we were told to use 6 years ago so its not like its a problem thats suddenly surfaced, its been going on for years.
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