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  1. Hi, Can anyone help I it will be 28 days on Tuesday that moneyclaim filed a case against Barclays Bank. They repiled after 14 days saying that they intend to defend they claim in full. What happens next !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi Thanks Just a quickie when they put in a defence they ticked the box which stated they intend to defend all the claim, sorry to sound thick but what will that mean
  3. Please can anyone help, I treid to claim back my bank charges via moneyclaim, on the last day the bank put in a defence, and I have to wait now a further 14 days, What happens next, can anyone advise me what to do !
  4. Hi on monday I posted a claim against my bank via moneyclaim. I have read on the internet what will happen and what to do if the bank does not register a defence, but its all very confusing, can anyone help me and explain to me without the jagon what i do next Many Thanks
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