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  1. Further to my previous post, and still looking for a bit of advice. Looking through the mass of paperwork that I received from RBoS, a notice was issued on 10th April 2006 demanding repayment of my overdraft, and on 11th April a Default Notice fee of £30 was debited from my account. However, following this I took action through the Court to reclaim bank charges and was successful in recovering these. At no time during this affair did the bank make any attempt to close the account. In fact, the account has remained open and functional up to the present, with the same overdraft facility in place. Given this, should my account actually have a default registered against it? According to a recent credit report obtained whilst in the process of applying for a mortgage it still has. Any advice gratefully received.
  2. Hi all. I thought that I had put all of the problems with this mob behind me, but something else has surfaced. A mortgage broker has recently been looking into a remortgage for me and did a routine credit check. This threw up two adverse entries: a CCJ which has probably been satisfied, and a Default from the RBoS in 2006. This dates back to when I was in dispute with them over bank charges and things got a little hard nosed. However, I'm sure that I responded to their threat of defaulting me with an S10 (?), and from memory they retracted. I won my bank charges back from them, but they rather pettily withdrew my Highline card (Debit/guarantee), making the account virtually useless. This is the thing: the account is still operational, so isn't it a bit odd that a Default has been served on it? Any advice on how to proceed or a pointer to a thread that has dealt with a similar situation would be appreciated.
  3. I've been away for a few days and seem to have arrived back into the middle of a nightmare!. Jaxads, the £40 admin charge seems to me, and this is only my opinion, a penalty pure and simple. as a consequence I claimed them back. Maybelline, if you have a printed statement from GE the interest on 'disbursements' (ie any administration costs related to arrears, as they put it) will be listed as item 4004 or show as 'additional interest'. Hope this is of help to you both. My claim is a combined one, encompassing an ERC and a combination of various additional charges. As it stands it appears that the ERC claim is likely to fail, but I think that the other part of the claim is still sustainable. Any advice welcome at this juncture.
  4. Had a quick look through my statement. I did post this before, but I think it's worth posting again. the penalty charges that I identified were: 4004 Additional interest (variable, charged on the penalties applied) 4111 Returned payment charge £20 4246 Direct debit recall charge £20 4444 Income on early settlement (the ERC - now comes with a health warning :o ) 8037 Administration fee £40
  5. Hi Maybelline. I'm sure that you have to claim against GE Money Home Lending Ltd (I did) who will then promptly deny that you ever had a contract with them, as your mortgage was probably with GE Mortgages Ltd ( or I Group ). However, they will then defend themselves regardless. There are all sorts of penalty charges levied btw, which I am sure you have been made aware of.
  6. I too got a copy of the AQ from Eversheds with a request for a copy of mine. Didnt keep a copy, just sent the form to the court, who will presumably send one on to them. As with Grapes, they are happy for it to be in the Small Claims Track. Will be calling one witness, and thats it.
  7. If you are in England just use your local branch in the first instance. It seems to be perfectly OK. They forward all of the mail to Customer Relations in the end and it is deeply satisfying to think about your letters landing in the branch's letterbox.
  8. AQ and defence to counterclaim posted into court today. Deadline tomorrow. Now I'll have to wait and see what Evershed's/GE Money have come up with.
  9. Thanks all three of you for the replies. Zoot, thanks particularly for that, I have a feeling that you are very busy at the moment, but ' you need to get some sleep as well!
  10. I have to return my AQ and defend the counterclaim that GE have issued by 29th January. Any thoughts on this, following the recent developments on another thread are appreciated. I appreciate that Zoot has her hands rather full at the moment, so what do the others persueing GE Money think? A standard defence is posted on the forum, and I would think that keeping the claim in the small claims track is an imperative.
  11. Thanks for that Sammyjammy. I am not at the stage where I might need a similar letter yet, but its handy to be able to refer to it. Peed 'orf, GE Money's in house solicitors are Bernard Elliston and Sandler, but I cannot remember off hand whether they dealt with setting up the mortgage. They are soon on the case if you get into difficulties though!
  12. Congratulations! Isn't it nice when the boots on the other foot for a change. Wish I had known about all of this when I got hauled into a repo hearing a couple of years ago.
  13. Certainly do! I have seen a few posts about MAS6, but this lot were definately MAS2, they changed their name to that while I had my mortgage with them. have a feeling that they might have been a subsidiary of Brittania, offering sub-prime mortgages. Trying to find some documentation about them, it's all home here somewhere....
  14. Nearly made a fool of myself by not paying attention to the AQ when it arrived - had a few other things on my mind. Thanks for all the advice received. AQ has to be returned by 29th Jan, so I'll be sorting out a suitable defence now. Sammy, what was the tone of letter did you wrte to the court to get the CMC thrown out? Just a thought in case mine goes the same way. I hadn't had any dealings with eversheds up to this point, just GE's in-house mob, Bernard Elliston, Sandler
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