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  1. I bought a house in 2006 which was a house and annex - the 2 were divided by a partition wall. I knocked the house into one and had it valued by the VOA as one property. The house was a repossession and the Kitchen in the Annex had been removed. In 2009 I put the kitchen back in and advertised the flat to rent. A neighbour called the council and I had a visit from the Planning enforcement officer who said that the flat (a garage conversion) had no planning permission and I was not entitled to use it. Subsequently I have received a bill from the Council Tax on the conversion even though it does not have planning permission and I cannot use it. They are trying to charge be back tax to 2006 for two properties even though I have paid all the bills as one property. Can the council charge me Council Tax a property that they say has no right to be there and which I cannot use?
  2. Have just sent of my app to the courts. Wait now to see how Barclays try to drag out this part as they have every other stage. Good luck.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Already had a seperate account. Have set about informing all DDs about new account. Some are easily changed on line others have to wait for paperwork. What is really annoying is that I am unable to stop my pay going in this Friday. I wil keep Barclays ac open until this matter is settled. Just wating for Tuesday's post as then all the deadlines will be passed. Better off without Barclays - now there's a thought.
  4. Thanks for the encouragement Trish. All DDs are active. I have written to Barclays today and informed them (as if they didn't know) that the account is in dispute and there action (and threats) are not correct. Don't know how far it will get me, perhaps they have made a decison for me about who to bank with in future.
  5. Thought I would give you something of an update. Figures all calculated and request for payment sent to Barclays on 13th May. Have had 2 holding replies promising to contact me later despite my 28 day limit. They say that they will contact me again by 9th July. This has now been going on since Mach 1st. Wrote to them again on 10th June giving trhem a final 14 days before action. I think I have given them enough space - isn't this the company that recently announced 1000 redundancies, seems they are not taking this seriously. Had two letters from Barclays yesterday stating that they have cancelled my cheque book, debit card and all direct debits. Seems they want to play hardball. Monday is 14 days since they recived my 14 day ultimatum so I think it's time for a visit to MCOL
  6. They did not pay interest at all. I figured that as they had paid the full amount, a Judge would not look kindly on a request for Interest before it went to court.
  7. Thank You Slippy. Will follow your advice. Seems the logical way to go about it. Letter about to wing its way.
  8. Well done. It took a fair time for me to get my statements back. I requested the money and they have offered me only £8 for each £20 charge (and no intertest) saying this was the recommendation of the OFT. I am looking for a Template that I have seen on here which deals with this issue of the OFT ruling. Did they pay the interest?
  9. ********SUCCESS********** Letter arrived yesterday with an offer of 100% repayment. Acceptance sent off straight away. The process with FD was very straight forward. Clearly they knew that they wouldn't win and have tried to cut their losses. I must admit that I've always found FD helpful and efficient. Let's hope it goes on like this. Thanks to all your help on this site. Contribution on the way.
  10. Congrats on your success. I had the same offer of about 85% last week. Sent them a rejection and received an offer for the whole lot this morning. Just popping to the Post Office to get the acceptance in the post.
  11. Well, day 64 and they have arrived. Barclays even returned my £10. Now its out with the Spreadsheet!!
  12. Am on Day 63 since S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) received, follow up calls and a further letter but nothing. Information Commissioners Office seems worse than useless. They said they will send my complaint to Barclays in a "batch" at the end of the month (a further 20 days away plus time to actuall get statements). Am getting very frustrated by Barclays but even more determined. Perhaps instead of making 1000 people redundant Barclays could re-deploy them to clear backlog of SARs - some hope.
  13. 40 days up today, and all is quiet. Will give a couple more days and send off another letter - not that it will do much. Am getting frustrated beyond belief with Barclays. But also more determined to see this through
  14. Rejection letter received by FD on Tuesday. Let's see what happens now.
  15. Well!! Day 63 and still waiting for ANY reply from Barclays. Nothing in response to all my communication. Have received a reply from Information Commissioners Office. That was a waste of a stamp - they apologised on behalf of Barclays (which is more than Barclays have done) they are very busy. They will forward my letter to Barclays in a batch at the end of the month, a further 20 days away. They say that Barclays failure to get my statements to me is "a breach of principle" which they are unable to punish. They will ask Barclays (nicely) to do something about this. Clearly Barclays know they are dealing with a toothless organisation and are carrying on doing their own thing. Seems Barclays are so busy that they announced yesterday 1000 redundancies!!!!! Anyone got any suggestions? Should I try an estimated claim - I can get last 6 months statements on line. Perhaps this might spur them into action - or would I just be wasting my time. Anyone else in the same boat?
  16. Sent off request for Payment on 25/04/07 and had an offer yesterday - only 70% of claim (perhaps they are ignoring the 8% interest which I have asked them to pay as they have charged me interest on the Overdraft). Am not minded to accept this and will send off a request for full payment. No template in the Library, anyone else done this?
  17. May 4th and still waiting. Letter requesting a reply to previous letters and calls sent on 18/04/07 and not even an acknowledgment. I have the confirmation of reciept but they seem to be blanking me - anyone else in the same boat. Perhaps I should have written the letter in Dutch, as that is where Barclay's attention seems to be. 25/04/07 letter sent to IOC to inform them of Barclay's none compliance - nothing as yet - not even an acknowledgment. What do i do, perhaps I will give it another week and think about an estimated claim. Perhaps that will get a response. Ps Had a letter from Barclays yesterday saying they have added MORE charges to my account - so not totally Dumb.
  18. Oh Yes. Have the receipts and delivery dates. All post sent signed for.
  19. I'm in the same position. Sent SAR & Cheque, followed up with a phone call 3 weeks later. Promised they would be with me within 3 weeks. 45 Days after SAR & 24 Days after phone call still nothing. Sent them a 'reminder' letter and they not even had the courtesy of a reply. Perhaps IOC is the only way
  20. Patience just expired. Off to IOC.
  21. Thanks for the good advice
  22. Despite phone calls and another letter asking for statements or list of charges - not a Dicky-bird out of Barclays. Shame they weren't this shy when taking the charges. Just been to IOC website - letter will be in the post tomorrow. See what come of that
  23. I was just as confused, but it is all explained on the back of the statements.
  24. Just started to look at the charges and am shocked. Any clues out there about Contractual Interest. Is it claimed when the first claim is made to the bank or does it come at a later stage like Stat Interest? Anyone got any idea what Rate FD Charge of Overdrafts?
  25. Thanks for that. Keen to get started.
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