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  1. i have gone through the whole process of trying to claim my money back i am at the stage were i have sent court proceedings the bank have sent out 2 offers of which i refused also the court sent me a letter saying it is being transferred to the municipial court ( i think that is right ) what do i do now i havent heard anything for about 3 weeks, thanks neilsy m:)
  2. Thanks Freaky for your help i have already sent a nudge letter but had sent it to the HSBC team dealing with my case ,i presume they will send it on to DG anyway do i just wait now for the Courts to let me know when a pre-trial is then and will they simply send me a letter stating this ,thanks again for your time in helping me ,i am much more relaxed about the whole situation now Neilsy
  3. Hi there ,i am quite confused someone please help me aaarrrgggghhhh ,ok now thats out of the way ,i have got to the point were i have issued court proceedings and the HSBC have entered a defence, since then they have offered me 2 settlements of which i have refused ,and then all of a sudden the court sent me a letter saying my case had been transfered to the monical courts ( not sure i have got that right ) thats all i have heard! what do i do now and do i need to do anything its been a couple of weeks since the letter so am quite worried i have done something wrong please please help Thanks again Neilsy.
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