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  1. Hi everyone firstly sorry all if i ask things which may have been explained in the FAQ's but i have read the FAQs over and over agian and a little personalised help will be much appreciated from all of you. I have a strong feeling that i will have to start a small claims through the County Courts (let's hope it doesn't come to that but i want to start my prep early!) ok i have heard the word "court bundle" quite a few times so want to know what exactly is contained in it? (so i can start preparing the docs from now!) Can you just list all the paperworks i need to have ready fo
  2. Thanks mate, much appreciated
  3. Hi Thanks for that. as for the 8% interest charge, do i inculde this on my Schedule of Charges that i will send with my preliminary letter? Cheers
  4. yah that's exactly how i was......confused! i'm going to write a letter of complaint and ask them to refund my ten pounds i sent for the subject accss request! The stuff they sent me was total rubbish!
  5. Hi I sent a subject access request and LLoyds have just responded to my request by sending me a list of charges. The list was absolutely useless as it did not state any charges!! I calculated the charges from my statements and it comes to around £750. (the chrages are all recent and not over 6 years and they should have been noted on the list of charges) Should I continue with the request for payment letter? Also what do I need to do for the schedule of charges? (do i just list the charges with their dates?) Your help wii be greatly appreciated all!
  6. thanks for ur valuable advice!
  7. Hi evry one i just want to know i will strt the subject access rquest 2mmrw assumimg i have to go to court, what time scale are we looking at? Its just my job placement strts in august 07 and was wondering if it will take longer than that to resolve Cheers
  8. Thanks every1 for your support! Where can i find this Erica? Thank uuuuu
  9. king_Uzi u are in the right place...just take it step by step and the guys and girls here are fantastic in providing support Cheers All (we are like one big (unhappy) family! awwww)
  10. Thank u Deller for the links, it's saved me valuable time having to look for em myself Thank UUUUUUU
  11. Hi everyone being a student its hit me hard, especially when my bank wrote to me saying that there was an error and instead of charging me monthly, the are charging me annually, so end of much a big, fat lump sum was taken out of my account for 2006 and it hit me hard because my account went minus and when I received my wages, it was still minus! So i guess u can understand what misery they have made my student life and what financial difficulties they have put me in because they charged me again this month, another nasty sum... So from today I will start the whole process of getting
  12. Thanka mate for your help! its great to have your support... Cheers
  13. Hi everyone! Yes unfortuantely i too, have been hit and being a student it hits hard, below the belt! Buit I do hope it all goes ok, I'm sure it will with all your support! The culprits are LLoyds TSB!
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