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  1. Glad to say that after a phone call to customer services, (who then called the store manager), a full refund was given. She is a happy bunny again!
  2. My girlfriend bought a bra at Lidl which turned out not to fit. Obviously there is nowhere in the store to try anything on, so she brought it home to try it. She tried to return it the next day where she was told that they do not refund or credit on bras for hygene reasons. She spoke to the manager who confirmed this was the case and also added that 'Marks and Spencer don't allow returns of bras'. We know that this is blatantly untrue as my daughter works for M&S! Would anyone have any idea of the correct next step to take?
  3. I was just wishing I knew all this a while ago as bank charges nearly made me go bankrupt.....I have since turned the corner (as well as changing bank!!!!) and am back on the way up.
  4. Just joined after watching whistleblower on the bbc
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