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  1. what you need to do is contact your bank and get them to send you your statements charges for the last 6 years, when this is received send it to your local branch or customer service centre, they will give you a curtosy call, and usually offer half of the money back at that point it is entierly upto you
  2. easiest way is to get the statments with the charges sent that into your local branch or customer service centre, and they will get back to you . they will try offering you half the amount of charges what you have payed it is intierly upto you what you want to do from there
  3. ask your bank for the last 6 years charge statments and they will send that to you, then write a cover letter and drop it into your local branch or send to a customer service centre
  4. yeah i just saw it to, i use to work for natwest and joined on here to hope i could help people with bank problems or charges
  5. most banks will offer you half of your charges back to you and keep your account open or there other option will be to give you all of your charges back but close your account
  6. with most banks they can offer all the money back to you but they will close your account if this is done, if you take half they will keep it open and you can try claim it at a small claims court, hope it helps
  7. space kid , yed you can they can bring up all details of you account since it was opened so there will not be a problem
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