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  1. Thanks for reply seahorse,

    The co-op account was well over 6 years ago and I did SAR them last year with the reply that they have no data or anything to say I even had an account.

    My problem is that Cabot have a charging order on our house for the debt to the Co-op, is there anything I can do?

    I know it's probably been left far too late to do anything but I can try. lol

    I will CCA for the Vanquis card and see what they come up with and as you say if its enforcable then I'll negotioate via snail mail with them .

  2. Hi again,

    I sent SAR to Welcome without account numbers and it was signed for as received on 5th November 07.

    However, Ive had absolutely no word from them at all!!

    Should I ring them and remind them or just send off another letter??

    I since found one of the agreements or art least part of one with some figures on.

    We were missold this PPI as we were told we couldnt have finance if we didnt take it.

    Its around £2500 !!

  3. Hi all,


    Leaflet and 2 letters today from Cabot saying they have bought my vanquis card account.

    It says to contact them to arrange payments etc etc

    Do I do that or do I need to CCA them?



    I have previous dealings with this company except they were then Kingshill No 1.

    They actually have a charge on my property regarding an old bank account with the Coop, with whom I have been in touch about bank charges but the Coop reckon they have no knowledge of such an account.

    Is there anything I can do about the charge??

  4. I realise that but it was a part of the Fiesta chain of hotels.

    They offer certain facilites that we like, therefore booked to go back for the third time.

    We collected points to spend with them etc

    They no longer own it therefore cannot possibly have the same conditions.

    Thats why I think the change of ownership is a BIG change/

  5. Hi Shywazz, well I'm being a bit of a detective and have now got contact details for the new owners.

    Am waiting for email back from them hopefully.

    Do we have to pay rest of our deposit if we cancel this holiday due to the hotel no longer being what we actually booked??

  6. :( Wonder if anyone can help?


    We booked our holidays for 2008 last september with Thomson.

    Returning to same hotel as last 2 years to meet up with friends.


    As we were thinking of adding someone to the booking I just happened to be looking at the hotels website (Fiesta) and noticed that it along with another of their hotels is no longer on the site.

    Thinking it was strange went onto Thomson site and tried searching availability etc and our chosen hotel did NOT appear.

    Even stranger I thought as it seemed a bit odd to be fully booked already!

    Anyway I emailed Fiesta and they confirmed that they no longer own these two hotels!

    Also they wont tell me who does and what arrangements there are in place with the new owners regarding bookings, food and entertainment arrangements.

    Thomson are denying knowledge of any of this and said if we wish to move to another hotel we have to pay!

    Anyone help please regarding our position??

    We have paid the minimum £50 deposit per person.


  7. Can anyone help me to write a letter rquesting information about loan accounts I have held with Welcome over the last 6 years.

    I paid off the last one early towards the end of last year.

    I have no paperwork but now realise I was mis-sold the PPI as the salesman told us we would get the loan if we took the PPI!!!


    I dont have any account details so really an only provide the date it was paid and names address and DOB.



  8. Hi , sorry to butt in on this thread but I am looking for arguments to support my claim.

    I have received part settlement from Halifax, but they are defending the rest based on the fact that it goes back 6 years and 4 months and no tjust 6 years.

    Therefore they are saying I am not entitled to the first 4 months charges and am only entitled to charges going back 6 years from the date of service of N1 form.

    Hope this makes sense to someone as I have recieved AQ today and am a bit stumped.

    Also it has on letter from court that I have to pay £100 on filing the AQ, the original claim was for £2886 but £2552 has been paid already.

    Do I need to pay the £100 based on the claim as it stands now?

    Thanks to anyone who can help

  9. Hiya Chop,

    Got my AQ and defence today.

    They just defending the £334 remainder that they owe me.

    Trouble is on the letter from court it says it will cost me £100 to file the AQ :(

    Dont know if its worth it?

    It has to be in by June 18th and we go away 15th

    We are in Durham Chop, you?

  10. Mortgage Fees: Reclaim £100s of unfair fees if you've switched/repaid a mortgage | MoneySavingExpert: Consumer Revenge, Credit Cards, Shopping, Bank Charges, Cheap Flights and more,


    Hi dewsbury, if you look on there it has a list of all banks etc and their exit fees, with details how to claim them .

    I got £135 back off Halifax with a phone call it was dead easy, they sent me a cheque within days

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