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  1. Hi everyone,


    I did a SAR ages ago to Welcome and due to various circumstances never got any further than receiving the paperwork from them.

    I am now in a position to pursue a claim for refund of PPI payments, just unsure of my next step.

    Is there a template letter or do I just write and simply ask for it back?

    How do I work out the 8% etc.

    I have paperwork regarding 2 separate loans, both paid off.


    Thanks for any help you can give.

  2. Sorry to butt in n this thread but I am so angry!!!


    My 75 yr old mother had her yearly *service* from BG as part of the Homecare she has been paying for over the last 20 odd years.

    The *engineer* left a note to say she needed more ventilation and put a yellow at risk sticker on the boiler (AWorcester 280 Combi about 10 yrs old).

    Now my mum has never had a problem with this boiler at all and the only time she has has work done it has been to upgrade the ventilation.

    However, I rang BG the day after as my mum said she had no paperwork re the service. ( She is very forgetful and gets easily confused) The guy I spoke to in Customer Service said he would send a new engineer out on the following monday. New engineer came out and also said vents needed upgrading and gave a quote of £188 to do the job.

    Fait enough you might say. BUT the next day a salesman came to see my mum and I dont know how but he talked her into a new boiler!!!!!

    She has paid £3360 for a new oversized boiler (Worcester 530) for hwer small bungalow. The best bit is that they havent changed the ventilation one bit!!/

    I have been in touch with BG today and am waiting for all the paperwork concerning my mums old boiler as I think we should at least have an engineers report to say why she needed a new boiler.

    Anyone have any ideas where to go next??

    I have my local trading standards number and intend to inform them on Monday.

  3. Sorry Slick yes I know but I thought the mortgage was just in my name.

    I realised it is actually in joint names even though my husband wasn't working when we took it out.


    The house is only in his name.


    No I havent taken any advice yet. To be honest he doesnt even know what Im thinkin of doing yet.


    It's a difficult situation.


    Also I will be made redundant this year at some point and Im starting an access course at college.

    Is he able to take any of my redundancy package?

  4. Hi, I am looking to go on the council waiting list for housing but am in arrears with council tax and I know from past experience they wont allow me to go on the list.

    Anyone have any advice............ie: would I be able to maybe offer them a payment of arrears while on the list??

    I really need to be oin council housing as I cant afford to rent privately.

    I will be going to college to do a social work degree and will only be able to work part time from September.

    I will however be getting a redundancy package from my employer sometime soon , just not sure when we are getting notice, so I could pay them out of that if I had to.

    By the way it's not just this years tax I owe its a few, probably around £3000 but my husband has been out of work for 6 years out of 10 that we have lived here.

    THanks for any help


  5. Hi sorry if I'm in the wrong place but have a question about my NAt Ins.


    I have 2 jobs with the same employer within the NHS.

    My main job is full time and I pay reduced conts as I am in the pension scheme.

    The other job is a maximum of 12 hours a week.

    Until last week I had only paid a total of £1.81 since April last year in National Ins for my part time job.

    Our pay system has changed bringing with it new style pay slips.

    We have had new payslips for part time for a few weeks with no problems but the new style has been introduced for our full time (monthly pay) jobs.

    When we got our payslips last week for full time (monthly) pay there was NAt Ins D and Nat Ins A deductions

    The national ins D is for my full time job which is fine.

    The national Insurance A is for my part time job and they have taken £15.96 from my monthly full time pay for my weekly part time job!!!

    They have also taken nat ins A from my weekly wage!!

    I don't think I should be paying it for the part time job/

    Anyone any ideas??

  6. Hi my friend just told me about a loan she took with Lloyds TSB before christmas.

    She is on Income support and has been for years, but they gave her the loan and made her take PPI saying it will cover her.........................don't what they covering her for when she doesnt work in first place!

    Should I advise her to cancel the PPI and ask for refund of what she has paid??

    She is paying around £20 per month for the PPI alone

  7. Hi I dont know if anyone can help here but it's worth a shot.


    I am at present living with my husband in a property mortgaged by me yet with only my husbands name on the deeds.


    What would happen if I decide to leave?


    Would we be able to sell the house and share the profit or would my husband be entitled to keep it?


    I work full time and have done the whole time (apart from about 3 months of part time)

    He has only worked for about 5 yrs out of 11.


    It sounds too complicated and Im not sure where I stand.


    I would be greatful for any advice


  8. Just an update in case anyone else booked to go here.

    I have now changed hotels at the rate it was when I booked the original without any admin fees.

    I was given either that option or to cancel and have deposit refunded.

    I don't know if Thomson are actually informing people or if they told me because I queried it.

    They do have a tiny piece of info on the website when you try to book the hotel it says this is no longer part of the Fiesta Group, it does still, however ,have the Fiesta benefite info in the other details.


    The hotels involved are Fiesta Algarb now owned I believe by Grupo Sol and the Fiesta Bahamas now known as Hotel Bahamas but still has info about Fiesta ie: this is a Fiesta Hotel when it is blatently NOT

  9. Hi Louby, if we cancel we lose our deposit plus have to pay the rest of it .............we only paid low deposit.

    The main facilites we are worried about is the choice of whether to have all inclusive or not.

    Plus we would like to know if its going to be full of 18-30's.

    Fiesta told me that Thomson are arranging things with the new management.

    I still dont understand why they blatantly deny it all

  10. Hi yes she rang HO and they wont say anything.

    So if they take all the facilities that were there , away, it doenst mean its a major change??

    Well there's something sadly lacking there then.

    I'll ring HO and write to them and see what they say this time.

    Thanks for your help

  11. One of our party visited and rang Thomson.

    They deny any knowledge of it, even though she took prints of the emails I have from Fiesta.

    I have read the terms and conditions of online bookings but ours was in shop and I dont actually have a brochure. The online one says if you use low deposit and cancel then the whole deposit becomes payable.

    I dont want to cancel but if they dont tell us whats going on then I dont think I have many options.

    We asked to be moved to the hotel next door but they said we had to pay the difference even tho its the same grade and same facitlites etc as the one we booked.

    As for the points, they are just an added bonus, but my point was that we booked this hotel because of its facilites including the points system and now we have absolutely no idea what facilites they will be offering and Thomson arent telling us anything.

    Now what? :(

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