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  1. HI


    Further update email


    Hi Pauline,


    Thanks for your further email.


    I can’t advise that you will not need to pay for the remainder of the booking until an alternative you are happy with is found, as this isn’t in line with the terms and conditions agreed to at the time of booking, or the package travel regulations. Customers who wish to keep the holiday in place would need to pay the remaining balance or it will be cancelled at the relevant charges, regardless of whether the hotel is affected.


    If a booking is affected our priority will be to source an alternative hotel, to ensure customers can still go on holiday. If a suitable alternative can be provided, in line with the criteria set out in the package travel regulations, no refund will be due if the customer does not wish to travel on the holiday and make use the alternative hotel.


    Kind regards,


  2. HI


    I got an immediate response to last email asking about payment etc that you suggested




    Thanks for your email.


    I will review your additional comments and respond in the next 7 days. I must respectfully advise that I must respond to all customers I’m in correspondence with in strict date order in order to remain fair, but I will be in touch as soon as possible.


    Kind regards,


    Benjamin Addison

    Customer Service Escalations Executive

  3. Thanks I will try that.


    We don't really want to take a holiday in October this year. I have Diabetes & Asthma/COPD which puts me at greater risk where Covid-19 is concerned.

    My Daughter & her partner no longer wish to go - they both have anxiety issues. My Daughter having emotionally unstable personality disorder and this is likely to exacerbate her symptoms. My Grandson also has Asthma.


    It is a tricky situation because if they do offer an alternative, do I have to accept it as long as it is of same or higher standard, even though neither of the only 2 available on their website are the same in terms of other facilities ie. proximity to the beach, type of accommodation (ours was a 2 bedroom apt on beach), proximity to shops, bars etc.


    I hate that they have restricted my choice to change by limiting the time I have to do so. I think I would be happy if they simply gave me more time to think and re-arrange the holiday without incurring admin fees. Considering they have no hotel for me yet I think that is reasonable, but apparently they do not.

    Do you think it would be worth asking this question again?

  4. Do I reply with 'my holiday is clearly not going ahead as planned as the hotel is closed until 2021' ?


    He can tell me I am at the end of the complaints line as many times as he wishes but I am sure I shouldn't have to wait when I have already given them proof that I do not have any accommodation to travel to!


    This is so frustrating. 

  5. Quick response this time with same old information. As you can see they won't tell me anything other than I have to wait. There is a time limit on changing without admin fees too, so I only have until 31st July


    Benjamin Addison <[email protected]>
    Mon 13/07/2020 15:16




    Hi Pauline,


    Thanks for your further email to Steve Heapy, the CEO of Jet2holidays; I’ve been asked to respond on his behalf.


    I understand you’ve messaged your hotel and they have confirmed they will not be open for the duration of your stay.


    If for any reason your holiday can’t go ahead as planned, we will be in touch to make you aware of your options. We know some hotels have made the difficult decision to remain closed this summer and we have a dedicated team who are working hard to get in touch with affected customers as quickly as possible.


    We are contacting customers in departure date order to make them aware of their options, as we feel is the fairest way so please be patient with us as we do this. Until you are contacted by our Operations Team, I will unfortunately be unable to provide any details or comment further.


    As advised previously, you have reached the end of our internal complaints process, and if you remain unhappy you will need to speak to ABTA at www.abta.com.


    Kind regards,


    Benjamin Addison

  6. Hi Honeybee,


    Thanks I will take the last bit off and leave it that simple  - sent.

    Let's see what response I get, although I can guess it will be the same as before - have to wait for ops team etc etc


    If that is the case does that mean their contract is void as they are not providing me with alternative acommodation?

  7. I am going to email Jet 2 escalation executive with cc to the CEO now and this is what I am saying.


    Could anyone tell me if I should change it at all please - I have included the emails from me to Jet2 and their reply on 4th and 13th June:


    Please see emails from June 4th and June 13th in which I enquired about our hotel not showing on your website.
    I have written confirmation from Comitas hotels that they are not opening this Summer. (I will forward this to you following this email)
    Could you please provide evidence that my holiday as booked is still going ahead as planned? If you are unable to do this then I would like to know of your intentions going forward.  If you are going to offer a change of accommodation, I would like to know what that will be. 
    Surely Jet 2 should have contacted me regarding this as soon as they knew? I do not feel it is fair to make me wait until probably September to get in touch.


  8. Thanks - I got this off ABTA website


    • If there are significant changes to the main characteristics of the holiday that mean a significant change to the holiday as whole you are entitled to an offer of an alternative holiday, or a refund of your holiday cost.

    ABTA cannot determine what is and isn’t a significant change to your particular package holiday, however a general overview of what might be a significant change is below:


    • a change of resort; 
    • a change of accommodation to that of a lower category and/or price; 
    • a change of flight time or delay of flight of more than 12 hours (in respect of a 14-day duration.  A change of flight time less than 12 hours may still be regarded as a significant change in respect of a lesser duration) or involving a reduction in time spent at the resort which is significant in relation to the length of the holiday; 
    • a change of airport that's inconvenient to you. 

    If the holiday or trip can’t actually be provided due to closures and limitations, then you have a right to a refund.


    On Jet 2 T & C's it does say a change of accommodation is a minor change,


    however,  I think that is subjective as what is minor to one person is possible significant to another and to me it is significant that the hotel is closed.


    They have not even said what they would offer me so I agree I don't think we should pay any balance until this is at least discussed.


    There are only 2 other hotels in Punta Prima which offer all inclusive and both get poorer reviews that the one we booked.


    I know this won't make a difference to Jet2, however one of them is also 1.5km from the beach! Our booked accommodation was actually on the beach.


    I am so frustrated with Jet 2 and unsure where to turn now.

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  9. Thanks for your help.


    I have just seen this on a facebook thread 


     We saw our hotel was not opening so we rang Jet2.com who immediately offered another hotel and gave us a refund the lady was very helpful and polite


    When I rang Jet2 they said they couldn't help


    At this point  I really would like them to offer us a refund.

    We do have the funds to pay the balance, but this may be a risk surely as we don't use credit cards. Or are they bound to refund if we refuse to change?

    Would you advise me to email CEO again and forward the email I have from the accommodation?


    This was one of the replies I received:


    Hi Pauline,


    Thanks for your email


    I’m sorry you’re unhappy with our position, but must respectfully confirm this remains unchanged. This position is in line with the package travel regulations.


    If your flight had been cancelled and we were unable to provide an alternative flight within 12 hours of the original flight time you would be offered a refund, but we would aim to provide a suitable alternative to ensure the holiday goes ahead, meaning there is some flexibility in the way we can provide this written into the legislation.


    Similarly if we are able to provide an alternative hotel which meets certain criteria based on the hotel originally booked, we do not offer a refund as we have been able to provide an equivalent package.


    The options would be to accept the alternative hotel, or amend with no administration fees. Please note, if this options is chosen you would need to pay the difference if the cost of the new booking uis higher, and of course if the cost is lower we would refund this for you.


    We have suspended our award-winning flights and holidays until the 15th July, and our last flights to the UK before this suspension departed on the 21st March, which created a lot of unprecedented demand, causing prices to fluctuate much more than normal. This system reacts automatically according to demand and availability.


    I hope we’ll be able to welcome you on board soon.


    Kind regards,


    Benjamin Addison

    Customer Service Escalations Executive


    and the last one I received


    Hi Pauline,


    Thanks for your further email to Steve Heapy, the CEO of Jet2holidays; I’ve been asked to respond on his behalf.


    While I’m sorry you’re disappointed, and certainly appreciate your frustrations and personal circumstances, I must respectully advise our position will not change.


    You’ve reached the end of our internal complaints process, and if you’re unhappy I would recommend speaking to ABTA at www.abta.com. This would be the correct next step if you wish to take this further as our membership means you have access to their Alternative Dispute Resolution process.


    Thanks again for contacting Jet2holidays.


    Kind regards,

  10. 1 hour ago, Kyosanto said:

    If you have full confidence that the holiday will get cancelled (for example you know for a fact already that the hotel will not be open), I would recommend you go ahead and play them at their own game.


    This is the email I received from the hotel group, confirming they are closed in 2020


    From: [email protected] <[email protected]>
    Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2020 8:02:46 AM
    To: '
    Subject: RE: Booking with Jet2

    Good Morning XXXXXXXX,

    Thank you for your email.

    the isla del aire apartments in 2020 are not going to open.

    we wait for you in 2021!!!!

    Kind regards,


  11. Hi BankFodder


    We paid by debit card and have only paid £450 so far. The holiday is £2360 in total which is due to be paid by August 22nd.

    It will be 70 days until holiday on 25th July. We were due to travel on October 3rd. 


    I did try to find some information and have now looked at the travel regulations which point to a refund.

    However, this 'escalation executive' seems to think we are not due a refund 'under travel regulations'

  12. I would be interested in an answer to this too. I have a holiday booked where the hotel is now not opening due to COVID-19. This was booked in September 2019. 

    Jet2 are only offering a change to next year, however, as you said the prices are really high at the moment. I emailed the CEO and got a reply from some escalation executive stating the information I was given by customer services is correct as the hotel has close due to circumstances out of their control. So, I basically have until 31st July to find a holiday for next year or pay the balance of this holiday and wait until the operations team contact me with options. 

    They refuse to pay back the £450 I have paid.


    I also found this clause as the guy who emailed me did mention travel regulations!


    Cheers for any help



  13. Reply from Jet2 






    Thanks for your email to Steve Heapy, the CEO of Jet2holidays; I’ve been asked to respond on his behalf.


    I’m sorry you’ve been left feeling disappointed, as this isn’t how we would wish for any of our customers to feel. I can see my colleague responded this morning, and the advice they have provided is correct.


    As the change of hotel is ouside of our control, and caused by the extraudinary circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, we won’t be able to consider a refund of your holiday costs should you choose to cancel. This is in line with the package travel regulations, and we must treat all customers fairly and consistently in line with our policies.


    Unfortunately, there must be a time limit in place with accommodation changes, as hotels are only able to keep availability for us for so long. I appreciate this isn’t ideal and has left you feeling under pressure to make a decision, and this isn’t how we would wish to operate in anything other than extraordinary circumstances.


    While I appreciate your disappointment, we have an unprecedented volume of customers to contact and a certain amount of staff who can process and investigate accommodation changes, so ask customers to be patient with us at this time. Please be assured we have released options and information to customers as quickly as practically possible in the circumstances.


    I hope you have a lovely holiday and we look forward to welcoming you on board.

    Customer Service Escalations Executive



  14. Hello

    I booked an all inclusive holiday with Jet2holidays.com to Menorca for travel on 03-10-20.

    I have since found that the accommodation is not available this year and is not appearing for next year either.

    Our due date for balance is 25th July which they have extended to August 22nd.


    I have emailed and contacted via telephone for advice.

    They keep telling me I have to wait until their operations team contact me and this is being done in date order of travel.

    However, if this was under 'normal' circumstances I am sure they would have contacted me by now with my options.


    I have asked several times if I can get a refund but they are not giving me an answer.

    The latest offer is to change dates, etc without any admin fees to next year and I have until 31st July to so this. 

    Can anyone help with what I am entitled to in these circumstances please? 


    I would prefer a refund then we can book elsewhere.

    The prices for next year are so high for our preferred destination and the accommodation we wanted is now only half board.


    Thank you


  15. Hi everyone.


    Sadly (as expected) I have had no contact from the company. The website is now down so I checked Companies House and it appears they are registered as:


    Check and Send Global Applications Limited

    Registered office address
    14 Finisterre Parade, Portishead, Bristol, Avon, United Kingdom, BS20 7GJ
    Company status
    Active — Active proposal to strike off
    Company type
    Private limited Company
    The Director is the mentioned previously Sarah Jane Jones.
    As I have details can I go to small claims now and try to claim my money back?
  16. Thanks dx


    I have emailed the business and I have requested a refund on the form provided by them.


    I have noticed on Saga.co.uk there is an article referring to the same website and a paragraph from another motorist who also received PCN for same journey at around same time as us. 


    'At the end of November 2018 I was travelling on the M 25 over the Dartford Bridge and returning the next day. So I went online the night before and thought I had paid for a return journey at a cost of £12.


    My Tesco MasterCard shows a payment of £12 to

    "DartfordCrossingCharge Bristol 000“. I have now had to pay £70 fine plus the correct charge of £5 because the official site did not get my money.


    There must be so many people being tricked by this false website , so why can it not be taken down?


    The Dart Crossing company isn’t interested. Perhaps because they are also making money from the [problem] every time someone like me makes a mistake?'

  17. No I did not confirm the site as I do not know which site it was.


    It was the first (and last ) time I had travelled on that road and I paid what I thought was the correct fee.


    I have been through every stage of this and still end up paying £425.50! This is extortion!


    I would now gladly pay the £2.50 again if they would allow it.

    I already paid £6.


    If you read Bailiff advice's post he has found a website that may be the one used as my bank statement states Bristol in the transaction and this website is owned by someone in that area (albeit a private home when googled).


    I will do my damnedest to get this money back and am seeing legal advise.

    If the original money has been taken then it is theft.

  18. Well we had to pay Marston's Holdings bailiff this morning as there is a warrant apparently.

    They said they would clamp my car which happens to be a works lease car (council) and remove goods if not paid by 8am.


    We did not know what to do so had to pay £425.50 - if I had been alone I could not have paid that amount :(

    They are sending us a form to complete to appeal...(again) and they were surprised at a Judge not accepting my proof of payment.


    I will be seeking legal advice, however, I wondered if it is worth writing to Chief Executive of Highways England Mr Jim O'Sullivan to complain and include my evidence from bank statement? Or is there another way to deal with this?


    If anyone has any sort of template letter I could use I would be extremely grateful.

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