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  1. Thanks Perplexity, currently googling and reading loads of websites on various situations. Tomorrow, I'm thinking of ringing ADI so I can see what they say.
  2. It's not that I cancelled a service, and I did ask if he was willing to put my owed hours into a course he would be doing with my after I'd passed my test with the other company, it's not like I didn't give him the option. I didn't want to bring this in, but some of the reasons I stopped having lessons with him was because of the way he taught, as well as going to a public toilet halfway through my lessons, quickly going shopping as ink had run out on his printer... in my lessons! and the longer I was with him, the less likely my lessons were the full hour. One of the other reasons I left it s
  3. Anyone? Ok another update, after talking it over with a few people. I've decided to attempt a refund, no harm in trying is there. I've replied to his email basically asking for a copy of his so called terms and conditions, and saying that as he has chosen not to grant me owed lessons towards the pass plus that I am forced to ask for a refund. If he chooses to ignore or refuse this request, I've decided to make a complaint against him with the DSA and ADI
  4. I'll try to keep this short. In April 2009, I stopped having lessons with a certain driving instructor, just had to many things going on. Late last year, I realised that I still had lesson hours owed, and after a long hard think, I decided to email him yesterday and proposed that instead of asking for a refund, would he be willing to put my owed hours towards a pass plus course with him (my practical test is in february). I told him that I was learning with a different company (don't think that went down to well) and in his reply he used it as a reason not to refund me. He says that it
  5. Update: As said before, there's been a lot of different advice in which direction to proceed, but it looks like my dad has decided to do a massive clear out in the new year. We've still heard nothing from the ex tenant + friend, so on the month anniversary of the eviction, the house is going to be cleared. His brother is a more experienced landlord, and had said this is do-able because my dad is choosing not to chase for damages or unpaid rent (his choice, not mine I must add). I've taken lots of pictures of the place and the property within, he's thinking of putting all t
  6. Update: Ok.... bit of a weird day. I wasn't there for the eviction, so I don't know what was said, so I can only go on what my dad (landlord) told me. The tenant + friend, were not there when the eviction process started, but there was only todays letters and fresh food still in the fridge, so they don't think the place is abandoned. Locks were changed, and so they are now theoretically locked out. My dad said something about a penal notice and that a note had been left on the door giving them 14 days to sort out a collection of possessions. Through this process, we have been
  7. Buy some glasses and read the whole of the thread. Isn't the point of these consumer sites to give advice so people do not have to keep asking, the solicitor they already have, questions that'll not only cost a lot of money but could be easily answered on here by someone that has more knowledge than you.
  8. There is now a baliff date to remove tenants, I've had a look at the site, but can't find an answer to this question. When the bailiffs arrive, I know they can't bash the door down to gain entry, but as the landlord has now been granted possession is he allowed to open the door to let the bailiff in, or is this still seen as illegal in some way. Thanks
  9. Ok..... They never turned up, so the possession hearing basically didn't happen. My dad was still awarded the possession from the 29th October, and as they still haven't vacated, the bailiffs will be getting involved. I know a lot of people have said that we could've done this without the solicitors, if it was me? with the help of all the websites (especially this one) I'm attached to... probably, but with my dad being the type that he is, he's not the type of stand up in court, and wouldn't of had enough knowledge of the system to put a case together etc. Basically, I want to
  10. I'm hoping that no news is good news...
  11. we're just following the solicitor, but then again, it may not have been the section 8 that was done, I'm just guessing. All I know is that a section 21 was served, time expired, she then said she was serving something else, and then we get a letter saying possession was granted, but as defense was made there has to be a hearing.
  12. Ok an update and a question. Section 8 was served, and the judge awarded possession from the 29th October 2010, but... the tenant has put in a defence, the solicitor doesn't have a copy (she's trying to get one) so we don't know what they've said, there's going to be a hearing on the 28th, so we'd like to know what to expect. Solicitor says that if she recieves the defence before the hearing date, my dad wont have to attend (I've told him to attend anyway as he's not to sure of the solicitors abilities). My dads just hoping they're just requiring an exstention on the repossession s
  13. Just a bit of an update. Section 21 expired yesterday, named tenant seems more bothered about sorting her HB with the council, than the fact she's going to be evicted. Solicitor has been instructed to sort out the section 8. So it's just more waiting to see what happens.
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