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  1. ok, will get a letter done then i think! will let you know how I get on
  2. Hi guys, I have received an offer from Lloyds for £750 based on a £1200 claim. Obviously this leaves me £450 down. I have read some of the letter templates on here about "declining" offers from banks. My trouble is I can not afford to be without this £750 and have already used it to clear 1 credit card debt. The letters say that they could take the £750 back if they wanted to. I want the £450 back but have already used the £750 ....... please help!!! Thanks guys, Dai
  3. wow, ok thanks aj1302 most appreciated! had better get another letter on the go then ... I will get there in the end, at least im getting somewhere now
  4. Hi everyone, I have just been offered a settlement of £750 from Lloyds after my original claim for just over £1000. The money has already gone into my account! Do I accept ??? Has anyone been in this situation before? Advice greatfully received. dai
  5. Hi guys, Can I just get this clear before I take any further. These are the steps I have taken so far: 1. Requested statement of charges 2. Request letter sent asking for charges to be payed back This has not been responded to. My thinking was that if/when Lloyds pay this back, it means that the loan that they recommended I take on was by no means legal ?!?!?! :? So, should I start again and now demand the interest on this loan as well or shall I stick to my original plan and just get my charges first? If so please make clear what my next move is please. Really appreciate everyones help so far! Hope everyone has had a good weekend.
  6. the amount I am claiming back as charges is £1,103.44 and the loan amount is £12K
  7. Sorry about the other post! The current loan on my lloyds account was offered to me to consolidate my overdraft, credit card and loan. It was offered to me as my account had been "flagged" due to charges. As the charges became more and more I could not make all the payments on time so was offered this loan as a convenient way of making my payments. On one hand, brilliant everything in one place, but on the other hand if it was not for the charges I wouldnt have needed to have taken the consolidation loan and put in more debt! How do I approach this now? it seems very complicated!
  8. yes, I have a claim currently underway regarding the charges however nothing related to the loan I now have to pay back. I really need some advice on this so whatever help I can get is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. No I dont believe this loan includes PPI. The two previous loans on my account had PPI on it.
  10. Hi Rooster, Thanks for that but I have not received any response now for my second letter. Is this normal or should I proceed with putting my claim with the small claim court? Thanks, cardiffboy
  11. Hi guys, Due to having the @$$ charged off me in bank charges by Lloyds bank I my account was apparently "red flagged". The charges meant I kept going over my overdraft limit etc. I received a call from Lloyds informing me of a loan that I basically had no option but to take that would consolidate my overdraft, credit card and loan. Obviously this was attractive at the time however this was only offered and I really feel was unnecessary due to the bank charges which had I not been charged would have been able to at least kept up with the repayments. Could I open up a complaint with lloyds that this was unnecessary providing they pay my original claim for charges back???? This is crippling me now !!!!!! Thanks guys, cardiffboy
  12. Hi guys, Have sent my second letter to Lloyds on the 21st March. This is the final demand from myself to pay back the charges after my initial claim. Got the obvious "fob off" letter from them and used the template to ask again. This letter included a 14 day demand to reply which they have not responded to. How long did everyone wait to make another move or do I even have to? The letter was sent recorded delivery so have all that info. Please help ... im desperate for this money back !!! Thanks guys, cardiffboy
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