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  1. I have received an important letter regarding a court case from a solicitor linked to a well known DCA in Cardiff. The letter is not for me and has obviously been enclosed in error. Is it worth reporting this matter or should I just return it? If I should report it then who to?
  2. I have an ongoing court case with a DCA at the moment regarding non payment of invoices I sent them charging for my time. I cannot go into details at until the matter is sorted.
  3. I'm preparing documents for a court case early next year and I have noted that the default notice has not been dated. Does anyone on here know if it has to be dated to be legal. With my limited knowledge of the law I would of thought it should have been dated.
  4. Fill it out with the name of your local MP c/o Houses of Parliment. That should shut them up!!!
  5. I've received a number of letters, the last one being from the managing director.
  6. I have recently had dealings with Go Debt. They wrote to me about a previous debt. I replied telling them that the debt was in dispute and had been for some time but they took no notice. I got fed up with the fact they would take notice of me so I informed them in writing that as they were in breach of debt collection guidelines I would charge them for my time in dealing with them. If they wrote to me after a certain date my charges would be £15 to read their letters and £15 to reply to their letters. Payment terms were 7 days from date of invoice with an admin fee of £50 if they did not pay within 7 days. So far I have not received nothing except a letter from the Managing Director saying they would not pay my invoices so this week I have issued court papers for £320 plus costs. They have until 14 November to respond. Looking forward to their response.
  7. I expect the NOA came from HFO and NOT barclaycard. sentence removed
  8. Interesting thread this. I received a letter from GoDebt about a debt that has been in dispute for the last couple of years. 2 DCA's have already passed the matter back to the original lender but GoDebt would not listen when I told them the debt was in dispute. I got fed up with them so told them, in writing, that I was going to invoice them £30 to read and reply to their letters and add a £50 administration charge if they did not pay within 7 days. Guess what? Yes they continued writing so they now they owe me £240. They recently wrote and told me that they were not going to continue with the case and I replied that they still owed me for the invoices. They were even stupid enough to put in writing that they were in their rights to continue writing to me even though they knew the account to be in dispute-so they don't know they are required to abide by the OFT debt collection guidelines then. Court papers are in the process of being prepared so the fun ain't over yet.
  9. To cut a long story short I have a disputed debt that keeps getting passed from company to company. Now as its in dispute it shouldn't be so I usually inform (in writing) whoever its been passed to that its in dispute and they should not be dealing with the matter. I also inform them that I will charge £15 to read anything else they send me and £15 to reply. If they write again they will agree to these terms. Thats usually the last I hear from them but one lot wrote back again so I issued an invoice for £30 in June. I have not heard from them since and the matter has now been passed to yet someone else. They have not paid so this weekend I wrote them a reminder (in red ink) that they have not paid my invoice. I can't see them paying but I wonder if anyone has done this and got paid? I might have a little fun and issue court proceedings even though its only £30. Anyone advise if its worth doing that?
  10. I don't know if the DCA own the debt or if they are acting on behalf of the original creditor. How can I work or find that out?
  11. The account is being chased by a DCA at the moment. I'm hoping I can use the fact that I do not have a copy of the default notice to stop any action being taken.
  12. I did a SAR to a credit card company. They sent back a load of info but no copy of any default notice. I wrote back and asked for copies of default notices and they replied that they sent back all the info required and were "unable to provide you with copies of default notices". Now I take this to mean they cannot find them and this also means they cannot procede with any legal action. Does anyone know if this is correct?
  13. I sent off a SAR request. I got back a letter, original T&C's, T&C's in force when problems started, copy of application and pages of computer info which I am going through. I have not though had any NOA from the credit card company (only from the DCA) nor have I had any copies of default notices which I should have thought would have been included. Anyone got any ideas on this please?
  14. OC's might give permission for DCA's to use their letterheads but the letterheads have to be legal. A limited company has to have certain information on their letterhead by law and therefore for a DCA to send out a letterhead on behalf of the OC without that information is against the law. Also if the NOA is on an illegal letterhead then I would imagine the NOA would be invalid.
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