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  1. Many many thanks. Can I bank the cheques before they acknowlege the part payment letter?
  2. I could really do with the £750 now, can i accept only as a part settlement and still go to court? The court thing really scares me as i have read loads and still don't understand it. I am not stupid, but as soon as i am dealing with money my brain freezes in fear. Please guide me.
  3. Hi All, i have just received a letter from Lloyds stating that their offer of £750, (i am claiming £2600) was: 'a gesture of goodwill and does not affect your right to take further action. I also want to let you know that the amount we've offered you is the maximum we will give you.' Does this mean that i can bank the cheques and still claim the rest when the OFT ruling happens?
  4. Hi, Lloyds have sent me a cheque for £750 as full and final settlement of my claim for £2600. I do not want to settle for this, but with the OFT involved what should i do? I was wondering if i could bank the cheques but send them a letter accepting the money only as part of the claim. Any suggestions please?
  5. Thanks 1000 times. LLoyds, here i come..........
  6. Best of luck to you all, i need to start court proceedings as well, is there any information here about what the process involves, and what information i need before i start? I get very lost in the forums! Thanks
  7. Thank you so much! You have been so helpful. Lets hope that it all goes to plan! Do you know where i will find the information about starting the court process through Moneyclaim?
  8. Thanks! I have just read through letter 1 on the link you gave me. The letter says: My (Request for Repayment letter) (Letter Before Action) dated xx/xx/xx indicates that you have until xx/xx/xx to respond before I proceed to the next stage of my request (before I commence legal action). My deadline remains the same. My deadlines have expired asi have not been keeping on top of this! What should i do regarding these dates?
  9. You have been very helpful! Where are the scales? I don;t understand how forums work! I keep getting lost!! Thanks x
  10. no, they said a cheque, i no longer have an account with them, Do they usually just put the money in?
  11. Hi all, I haven't sent the letter as i had originally planned....Life and exam revision have got in the way! But today in the post i have received a letter from Lloyds offering me £750 as full and final settlement. If they do not hear from my, they will send a cheque in 10 days. I do not want to accept this as i would like to fight for the full amount. What should i do now? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  12. Thank you both for the advice, i think that i will send another letter offering them a further 14 days to respond. This will let them know that i haven't forgotten and it will give me some breathing space to sort out the claim details. Also it wiill be the end of the month and i will have enough money to pay the fees!! thank you.
  13. I used the letters from moneysavingexpert.com, before i read this site fully. Do you think that it will be a problem? The 7 days ran out at the end of March. I havn't had the time or guts to do anything since.
  14. Hi all, I am ready to take Lloyds to court for charges just over £2600 inc interest. I have sorted out my statements, written to them asking for my money back, written another letter stating that if i do not hear from them in 7 days i will take them to court. After the first letter i recieved what seems to be the standard 'sorry you are unhappy, but we are right' letter. I am now ready to take them to court but i don't really know what to do next and i am really scared. Please help.
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