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  1. hi . just thought I post an update .sent mc100 of on 24 September .I get letter / notice back today .GRANT OF TIME TO PAY . at 20 .00 per week starting 19 October.
  2. i think it be best if i just ring the court up and make an offer of 100 a month as well as sending the mc100 off which i do by end of the week .
  3. hi As i recall the fine goes way back to 27 may 2015 .I was caught by a officer who told me (urinating in the street is a 85 pound fine ). I was a little drunk at the time but gave my name and address .I didnt recevie anything until about 3 weeks ago when i received a letter from the court with amount of 455. It didnt explain what it was for so i ignored it for the time being .A week later , it was sent again with the words Notice of action/futher steps notice with a briefing which said something like As you have failed to take action from our previous letter blah blah , all of some of the actions will now be taken against you 1. attachment of earnings. 2.benfits reduction 3.warrent for arrest. 4 .baliffs order for seizure of goods. I rang the court up and they told me what it was for and that they will sent a form in post 1st class. This was the mc100 and it came a week later(19-9-15 ) not next day as they said it would . ....
  4. ok - But fees have already been added to orignal fine of 85.00 pounds and the total fine now stands at 455.00. I missed the court summons (as notice went to another address) but have been sent a mc100 to fill in . Does this mean i will have to attend court depsite failing the first one and prove the amounts on the mc100 , or just agree to pay the fine
  5. got it now . i have re considered my figures .food at 200 , drinking down to 100 ,clothes at 80. .this leaves disposable income of 85.00..
  6. hi well the debt /fine was for urinating in the street (stupid i know )on a night out a few months ago.The court letter was sent to wrong address so i missed the summons to court .next thing a few months later a letter from court arrived for the amount of 455.00.(arrrrhhhhh). I wound 'nt of though fags was a necessary expense (a luxury)but clothes are .. I will lower booze amount then to say 180 ,increase food amount and up fags to 60. in addition to the form ,should i just make a note advising that iam willing to follow a plan of 70 a month.
  7. hi well iam paid monthly and so put aside a monthly amount for clothes and drinking each month. a night out is normally 40.00 and go out twice a week maybe every week so thats 80*3 weeks=240.last week stay ij Clothes shoes ,or boots about 30 , coat 30 ,jeans 15 -and a few tops either shirts or t shirts with the rest. i ve seen that when completing a I/E for creditors the amount for clothes is 30 ish as is for telephone and internet . But 30 on clothes a month dont really get much nowadays .
  8. thanks for that ,it was an interesting read . However, it doesnt tell me if the expense amount for drinking is ok or not .also .clothing at 150 a month
  9. hi i have received a mc100 form calling for details of income and expenditure . have filled out most of the form giving items such as telephone ,internet at 35 , rent at 300 travel 70,dmp at 150 . smoking at 40 . and drinking at 240 which i thin maybe a little too high. if my disposbale income is higher than what i want to pay would i have to pay this or can i suggest which is suitable a month to pay . any help welcomed regards
  10. Hi so has anyone recieved a refund yet???? They said compensation will start at then end of july and we are now in august .
  11. hi just wondering if any one has recievied any replies from ccp /or a refund after sending the claim form off . i sent my claim form of 3 day s after 10 feb 2014 but have received no reply as yet .
  12. hi yes i had the same questions .. I sent of the claim form about two weeks ago and have not received a reply as yet .. has anyone else received a reply back yet and is this normal . regards
  13. ok where do i find the spreadsheet to do this .?
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