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  1. No extension of the agreement was ever given and now, after getting legal advise, we are staying until the 6th of April but not paying rent (they can take the rent from the deposit) We will then have to fight for the remaining deposit. The legal standpoint is that we are correct in assuming we can move out at the completion of the lease without all this hassle but I can see a fight coming up for the bond. We also had the contract looked over and the lawyer found some grossly unfair clauses so be careful what you sign.
  2. Hi All, We sigksned a lease March 25th 2006 and were looking to leave at the end of the lease. We received a letter from the agent on March 6th this year offering us a new 12 month lease. On the 12th of March we found a new flat and gave written notice on the old place. The landlord is now insisting that we stay until 25th April as we did not give notice on the anniversary of our rent, despite giving 4 wee notice from the 12th. I have done some research and it's my understanding that we are under no obligation to even give any notice, the contract was 12 months fixed and it's ending. We
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