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  1. hello i have over £30k of debt for various reasons. i am keen to arrange payments to pay it back but i am not working, have three children under 5 years old and my partner is only earning £12,000 a year. we are struggling to make ends meet at the moment but if we cut back we could afford to pay about £10 a week but not to each person as a whole. if i got took to court would i be forced to go bankrupt or would the court make them accept £10 split between them a week until my circumstances changed. i dont have any shares, no money in bank accounts, no property or valuables at
  2. i received a letter from Wescot Credit Services saying that i owed £366.63 to a client ' Shop diret financial services' and they were going to try and get me to pay the debt. i sent them a letter on 4th march saying i did not know of the debt and i wanted them to send me a copy of the credit agreement etc.. i got a template of the letter off this website so it was worded correctly. i said in the letter it was a criminal offense not to give me the information and i send them a £1 postal order. i received a letter back from them today 19th march saying 'following your recent request f
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