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  1. Okee dokee...well, I shall get on the moneyclaim website tmrw then - as I said I would in my letter..i'll keep ya'll posted. Ive got to admit - I thought it would be null and void due to them not keeping their side of the agreement. I will see if I have any responses from the e mail address first though...watch this space..
  2. Thank you nettyg...I certainly hope it is just because they are snowed under with claims. The only thing is I may end up getting further charges due to me now being overdrawen again...just have to wait and see I suppose. I couldnt see any sentance saying I couldnt claim through court though.. I just signed the text that read... 'I accept a sum of £1250.0 in full and final settlement of my claim against the bank I am aware that the bank will credit my above acount once they have recieved this signed acceptance and that this will be carried out within 7 working days following reciept'. Anyhoo - i'll hold off and try some of those e mails.. Thank you again and i'll keep you all posted!
  3. Hello All, newbie..so hope ive posted in right section?? Wow - ive been reading as many posts as possible over the last 24 hrs (have a 5 month baby so it's difficult - asleep at mo tho!) Well, I wish I had come to this site before my 'booboo'. Cutting a long story short ive asked my bank to pay my charges back and they offered me a brilliant 'full and final settlement of the matter' of £1250.0 (original claim was £1497.50 - didn't claim interest) on 5th March. I signed the letter and agreed to the settlement, which stated that the money would be credited to my account within 7 working days. I am STILL not in reciept of the money. I sent them a further letter advising I would start court proceedings on Thursday 22nd March (which gave them a week) if no action was taken and have also e-mailed them, to which their response was 'your case is still being delt with'. I dont understand what my case is - they offered a full and final settelment and I accepted. Now, have I done the right thing by stating I would start court proceedings as a seperate claim for the lower figure of £1250, or should I be able to claim for the original amount of £1497.50 since they have not payed up their settelment figure as stated??? Also, If I have to start court proceedings for the £1250.00, there are no instructions on how to fill in the forms as I am not strictly claiming back bank charges anymore-i'm claiming back an amount they agreed to pay me? I hope this hasnt been a hideously confusing post...and I hope somewhere out there (who I havent found yet) has had this experience and can help!
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