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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. According to an enquiry made through the insolvency service website the company is not going to go through any formal insolvency proceeding (i.e. administration, liquidation or receivership) and no administrator, liquidator or receiver will be appointed to deal with the company's affairs. Looks like small claims court it is then.
  3. Thanks, I shall see what light they can shed. Looks like the proposal to strike off has been suspended now judging by this on CH website; DISS16(SOAS) 12/06/2010 COMPULSORY STRIKE OFF SUSPENDED
  4. Hello, I am a private landlord who used a letting agent to fully manage my property, however, they seem to have stopped trading around April this year judging by the following: 1) Phone calls/Emails no longer answered 2) Premises empty 3) Website no longer relates to an estate agent 4) I did not receive rent owed to me for April (thereafter rent was paid direct to me by tenant) 5) Companies House info on the agent states: Status: Active - Proposal to Strike off 6) As of 18 May 2010 a London Gazette first notice appeared Due to other events that have occurred with t
  5. Well it looks like they took my complaint seriously regarding the quality of the packaging they used to send me my statements, as on 25th April I received the SAR with all the data held on me by the Bank in an envelope that didn't look like it had been used a hundred times before AND it was delivered via courier. Needless to say it's a bit late as the Bank already settled! Anyway, can anyone help with my question in the post above dated 22nd April? TIA
  6. Thanks to the advice on the website I've had a great start to the day as I got the £419 I claimed for. After acknowledging last week they have now told me it will not be financially viable. Muhahahaha. Once the cheque clears I will definitely be making a donation for all the help. cheers! one last question... the letter they sent says to inform the court immediately - does this mean using the moneyclaim system and then enter judgment by admission, or do I write to the court?
  7. I think they delivered the goods in time so I shall have to let them off in that respect, though I'm wondering if I would have a case for complaining to the IC about the packaging used as it was appalling!
  8. Got some details re manual intervention and notes on my account on Saturday 15th April, though they are totally unrelated to penalty charges. However, a letter accompanying the notes says that "information held by other areas of the Bank will be sent to you seperately." Interesting reading through other threads where people have been asked to explain what manual intervention is - I sent the default letter from the forum library and then a follow up letter specifying a "Subject Access Request" several times, so it would appear that at least the Customer Collections Centre understood the message
  9. mjanet - Thanks for the info. Will keep to this thread with updates... Mr Higley promptly replied to my first letter of action (sent on the 3 March) on the 6 March to say that the charges were fair, reasonable and transparent BUT he asked his friend Mr Sinden at RBS to take a look anyway, although he didn't tell me he was doing this. Anyway, Mr Sinden took his time but a month later on the 6 April agreed with his friend Mr Higley and thought that penalty charges were also fair, reasonable and transparent and stated that "against this background, we must differ from the views expressed in
  10. Brief history; I sent DPA request along with £10 cheque on 16/03, NW sent statements arriving in pathetic packaging on 25/03. Follow-up DPA SAR sent on 03/04 asking for SAR as I thought that statements were not part of the SAR, in addition they had not detailed whether or not manual intervention had taken place. NW sent following reply 06/04; Dear Mr xxxxxxxxx, Data Protection Act - Subject Access Request Thank you for your recent letter requesting personal data held about you by the Bank. Any information required to be provided to you under Section 7 of the Data Protect
  11. If you have broadband you can watch it here; http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/working_lunch/4685732.stm ...otherwise it was pretty much an overview of their statement http://www.oft.gov.uk/News/Press+releases/2006/68-06.htm
  12. Sounds like your MP might actually be useful Maybe I'll talk to mine now!
  13. Out of curiosity what did your MP say?
  14. I'm in the same situation - they more or less ignored my DPA request and just sent me statements (from Higley too) for free as they never cashed the £10 cheque that I sent, so I presume that means they will not be on the 40 days countdown yet. Time for a follow up letter me thinks...
  15. I got charged that ludicrous fee as well. Apparently I was not using the account in the "usual manner" whatever that was. Unfortunately they would not tell me what the usual manner was for some time, though they eventually told me that I could pay as little as a pound in every month and that would be enough to bypass this unfair, unreasonable and opaque fee.
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