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  1. Thank you, will look into buying 2 new locks and having them fitted.
  2. Thank you for the quick response. How do I ensure that they don't enter the property whilst I am not here? any ideas? Thank you
  3. Hi I am renting a property and due to move out soon. The Letting Agent wants to bring someone round to view the property whilst I am not in. Am I within my rights to refuse and ask for a re-scheduled visit to enable me to be present? The Letting Agent and myself are not on good terms as I am leaving the property early. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for your replies, I will try and purchase a new socket.
  5. It is the socket itself that is broken, the opening has been pushed inside and the pins broken, I presume by the previous tenant.
  6. I have recently moved into a rented property and the BT socket does not work in one of the bedrooms that I want to use as a study, (this was a deciding factor when taking the house). The Letting Agency say I have to get it repaired myself, is this correct? Thank you.
  7. Thank you for your responses. I take it I have no re-dress? Mariner- I haven't viewed, signed and changed my mind. The state of the property is not as he stated it would be and the services he assured me that his company would provide have not materialised. I am not wanting to do this lightly as I have just paid out almost £3000 to this company.
  8. I viewed the property 2 weeks ago as I have relocated 130 miles. The house was unclean with things not working but the Agent assured me the repairs and cleaning would be done before I moved in. He also said someone would come round the property on signing the lease to go through the inventory, this didn't happen. i was given an inventory list and had 72 hours to disagree. He refuses to show me how to work the central heating (will be charged for a contractor to come out and show me), repair the gas fire, supply me with window keys (all the windows are open). Bathroom smells of urine and he agreed to replace the carpet with lino but has now refused. Lots of rubbish still in the shed and at the side of the house. I feel he has mis-represented himself and his services.
  9. I have just signed a 6 month lease on a house 3 days ago and want to leave the property. The state of the house is nothing like he said it would be on viewing the property i.e. repairs and cleanliness. There is a long list of things wrong and a list of things I cannot do whilst in the property i.e. put pictures up with nails, tacks, glue, etc. Is there any way that I can get out of the lease? Thank you.
  10. Hi. How can I get out of this situation? I left my partner 5 months ago due to domestic abuse and since then the mortgage hasn't been paid. I have now got 5 defaults on my credit file. Although I regularly phone the mortgage people to keep them updated very little is happening. I am paying the equivalent to our mortgage in rent and am therefore unable to contribute to the mortgage and yet my ex is living there payment free. There has been a field officer visit each of us to take a financial statement and it has been suggested that although we are 2.5k in arrears the offer of £200 pm from my ex may be accepted rather than litigation to have the house repossessed. I have strongly disagreed with this but it doesn't seem to matter. Has anyone any advice?
  11. I have signed a 6 month assured tenancy and want to leave the property due to personal reasons. Do I have to pay the rent for the full 6 months or can I give them 1 month's notice? I have been there 5 weeks.
  12. I have a resolve loan from when I used to have money problems 7 or 8 years ago. The interest rate is about 19% and I have another 4 years left to pay on this loan. The interest is £125 every quarter. I now have a good credit rating and would like to take out a new loan to pay the high interest loan off but don't know where to start. Any suggestions? PS: I have recently graduated and have a full time job with a good starting salary.
  13. Thanks again - there were yellow lines on the kerb. I will try the letter option but you can be sure I wont make the same mistake - neither will my partner will let you know how I get on.
  14. Thank you for that. We didn't know, we haven't got a blue badge booklet as my partner has had the badge for 9/10 years and it gets renewed every few years. We will send a polite letter in asking for an explanation like you have offered and see how we gget on. Will keep you updated.
  15. Hi My partner is disabled and has a badge. Today (Saturday) we parked on a side street that had a single yellow line with a sign that said 'no loading between 8am and 6pm Mon - Sat. There was a white boxed area that said loading so we avoided this section and parked just where it was the single yellow line, there was another car with a disabled badge parked behind us. We returned 35mins later to find we had a parking ticket. Can you tell us what we did wrong? Many thanks
  16. Thanks for the info on the leeway for speeding tkts. Yes I have a tkt for 35 in a 30 mph zone. I have been told that there may be a possibility of doing a speed awareness course instead of the points - does anyone know anything about this?
  17. Hieveryone thanks for the info - yes I have a ticket at 35mph.
  18. Does anyone know what the leeway is, if any on a speeding ticket? Thanx
  19. Hi Sixthspirit I have also been messed about by the JSA/IB depts. Have you tried claiming IB again due to your illness flaring up? If you read my thread JSA/IB help needed you will see that sometimes they do allow you to re-claim.
  20. Hi Everyone An update - I still have an appeal going through for my initial claim of IB but after starting a claim for JSA twice, the IB have now said I can start again on IB, I should get the paperwork by the end of this week! To my mind, because they have given it back to me on my second IB claim, I don't think they will have much of a defence against my appeal of the first IB claim. Thanks for all your advice.
  21. Hi Everyone Where do I go from here, I am at my wits end with the benefit departments. Due to me having to attend an Employment Tribunal in August of this year, I was on IB until May with anxiety and stress, it then got taken off me after I had a Medical Capability Assessment and they deemed me fit for work. I am appealing but it can take up to 4/6 months apparently. Meanwhile I was told to sign on for JSA which I did, when I had the work focus interview, i was so upset having to explain everything again that the staff there told me they would process my claim for JSA but that in their opinion I should return to my Dr and get another sicknote that now says depression (I have been put on anti depressants and sleeping tablets due to everything happening) and then make a new claim for IB. I did as they suggested and received a letter today saying that they are still turning down my IB claim as they don't feel that I have got any worse than when I had the medical. I phoned the Jobcentre and they said I had to make a new claim for JSA and appeal this second claim. I went throught he procedure for a new claim and the lady dealing with it was completely astonished and felt that the IB dept had made a mistake and had assessed my 2nd IB claim on my first illness. At the end of her telephone call she transferred me through to IB so that I could ask for the papers to be looked at again and for them to check which illness they had used in coming to their decision. I spoke to a man there and he said that as I was deemed fit for work in the medical in May, I could not have IB again even though my sicknote is a different illness. He has told me to appeal their decision and then apply for JSA again. I was totally devastated and feel that I am just going round in circles. The IB say I am fit for work. The JSA feel that I am not fit for work. Where do I go from here? Sorry for the very long message
  22. Hi Everyone Who is the correct company to complain to regrding a recent holiday return flight delay of over 25 hours. Is it the flight company - Monarch; holiday company - Olympia; insurance company - awaiting for a copy of a replacement document from Co-Op travel who sold us the holiday or the Co-Op travel shop? Any advice appreciated
  23. Have received a letter today regarding my 2 claims for 3 accounts. It gives a brief outline of what has already happened and how pleased they are with the results so far. They also say there will be another meeting on the 7-9th July but in the meantime they are requesting that stays remain on all the cases. Has anyone else had this letter? PS I have another thread 'stayed business and personal accounts' how do I join them into one?
  24. Hi Everyone Not been on here for a while as nothing to report. Stay wasn't lifted and the FOS said that they had acted in accordance with the law. Is there any news on the outcome of the test case?
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