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  1. Hi bispers.. Believe it or not, Having Credit (credit cards, catalogue accounts etc) actually can improve your credit rating. If you wish to know your credit score you can get it from experian: Credit Expert It'll cost you £4.99, but if you want to know what it is, certainly worth the fiver IMO. Whilst you're there you can also get a free credit report (remember to cancel the trial!) so you can see exactly whats been happening with your credit. As for the Next Directory.. CCA them and see what they come up with.. If they can't send you a proper copy of the CCA (check threads for assistance on this, lots of knowledge out there) then you can force them to remove the default in full through the courts. Hope this helps James.
  2. Sorry.. but if you're wrong, then the correct facts must be posted. Please explain what point we were missing. Matt
  3. Definately! I'd certainly sue over such a false allegation.
  4. Thats because he's affiliated to the club.. He doesn't have to. Matt
  5. You cannot stop anyone taking a photo of anything, unless it breaches the laws already mentioned, which certainly a kid at a football match won't. Sorry. Also, any photo's taken by photographers, AFAIK, owned by them as Intellectual Property, but I'm sure someone on here knows more about it (BF???) M
  6. Hear Hear!! I was a regualr in the chat room, I used to help out where I could in the Help & Advice room, and I also used to get involved in the banter in Off Topic. I was made to feel welcome by the regulars when I first went in there, and I ensured I welcomed other new users when they came in. Matt
  7. I believe they are additional security and not required by banks, although a lot of companies are using them now just for added peace of mind for the consumer. M
  8. Well, my prelim has gone in today, handed it straight in to Nationwide Branch, and got a copy signed and dated. Can I start counting the 14 days from today? M
  9. Well guys, i've got my SAR. It took the full 40 days (I got them on day 40!!) They owe me £410.58, including 8% Stat. Interest. Obviously I shant be putting this into my Prelim. M
  10. Great letter, but I don't think that mobile phone contracts are registered under the CCA.. I would reccommend checking in the telecoms thread, before sending the letter. M
  11. As far as i am aware, there are no LEGAL conditions that state that electrics have to be checked every year (as the gas regs) but, that is not to say that they can be left unsafe, as this clearly would prove dangerous to your health. A call to environmental health might be a good idea? Hth Matt
  12. Send them a SAR requesting FULL disclosure of all information relating to you.. They have 40 calander days to comply. You can find a suitable letter (may require modification) from here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/ Matt
  13. If you have this letter.. then how can they be persuing you? I'd send them a COPY of this letter and tell them politely to go away. Matt
  14. So you really will be a happyOLDdog then? Just kidding mate. 9th June ok with me. M
  15. As long as you don't move it forward a week, I'll be there! Matt P.S. This was my 100th post!!!
  16. Next step is to send them the Letter Before action http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/25716-rejecting-offers.html Also, have you used the spreadsheets to calculate the interest you will be claiming (applicible from when you file at court)? I would advise doing this sooner rather than later, becuase it can take a while to work out, especially depending on how much experience you have with spreadsheets etc. Link for the spreadsheets: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/182-6-interest-calculation-spreadsheets.html Hope this helps. Matt
  17. A guide to filling in the N1 form http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/681-4-particulars-claim-n1.html and the rejection letter http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/25716-rejecting-offers.html Hope these help!!! Matt
  18. Lively. could you also move my bottom two posts from this thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-our-forum/85926-hello.html To here as they relate to this poster. Ta Matt
  19. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/31460-example-step-step-instructions.html Should be able to explain. Also, worthwhile posting in a thread of your own (I've PM'd a mod to move your post to a thread all of it's own) Please ensure you follow the instructions, they have worked many many times, and will continue to work! The statement stating it only applies to credit cards I assume means the OFT report, which, as many people will tell you is a set of guidelines for credit cards etc to follow. It is not law. The OFT states that they will investigate charges above £12, it does not state that this is a fair representation of the fees the credit card companies (or any other company related to charges) incur if you go over your limit etc. The onus is on the banks to PROVE that it costs £35 or whatever to bounce a cheque etc. Do you think it costs them that amount?? I don't. Matt
  20. I'd advise giving them the full 40 calander days they're legally allowed, then send them the non compliance letter. You shouldn't estimate the charges.. after all, they might owe you MORE than you've estimated! Matt
  21. Hi there, welcome to the forum! Overcash: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-bank/85292-what-overcash-cani-reclaim.html?highlight=overcash Post six (the last one) should explain what overcash is! Hope this helps.. Obviously you've got some of your statements, but you don't say how long you have been waiting.. It's always a good idea to give them a call to make sure they send you the rest, but there is a Data Protection Act Non Compliance letter in the Templates file. Templates: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/ Hope this helps? Matt
  22. legal and trade cleveland is the name of the company. WebCHeck - Select and Access Company Information OR WebCHeck - Select and Access Company Information I would have said it was more likely to be the second one.. I phoned them (lucky my number's withheld) HTH Matt
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