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  1. I had a visit from Resolvecall this morning, didn't last long, but the little fella put a 'letter' through my door after I closed it which turned out to be a 'we called today' card which was nice.. I'm assuming I'll be getting more of these visits, I'm also assuming a polite 'no thanks' and shut the door is the required procedure? Many thanks..
  2. Good morning, Its been fairly quiet on the western front of late a couple of letters from Cabot saying to contact, they've been ignored. But a couple of weeks ago I had a letter from Cabot saying that they had asked someone called Resolvecall to 'put me back in contact' with them...which sounded ominous, they were going to send someone round to see me...oh really! thought I.. Anyway no one has been which is just as well, but I have now received two letters stating they are now acting for Cabot and offering to assist etc and then this morning two phone calls one to my mobile one to my
  3. Good morning again, Quick question.. which section is this request pursuant to? 77, 78 or 79 as none seem to apply to debt management all shall I just apply all?
  4. Lovely, will be on its way today.....
  5. Good morning, A reply from ICO yesterday.. 'I note from your correspondence that you would like a copy of the original terms and conditions of the account, a copy of the original agreement and an explanation of whether or not the account has been settled. The Data Protection Act 1998 provides individuals with a right to a copy of their own personal data, that is, information that identifies them as an individual. There is no obligation for a complete document or for an organisation to respond to questions. Unfortunately there would be no obligation for Pentagon to provide t
  6. Morning dx, many thanks letter will go off tomorrow....
  7. Good morning, I have received some paperwork from Moneysave. They have included a Moneysave Solutions Debt Management Plan terms of business which clearly isn't the original as when I started this they were called Eurodebt. They added; 'I have provided details of the full and final settlement proposal for your Equidebt debt from 4/2/2011, 14/11/2011, 26/01/2012 and 15/5/2012. these letters detail the fees involved and the proposed settlement balances negotiated. These all require your confirmation and cooperation to proceed. The fees are in line with the 5% qu
  8. Good morning, A new year update.. .Eurodebt/Monaysave wrote on Monday saying they would provide details of F&F as requested during the week commencing 22nd January and also copy in the ICO, I await... Cabot still automatically phoning twice a day with recorded message which my phone helpfully cuts off half way through...other than that its quiet....
  9. Good afternoon, still no reply from Moneysave/Eurodebt, an email from ICO today saying that in the absence of any communication regarding paperwork from around Nov 2006 onwards the ICO will now write to them querying why they haven't responded. They will also ask them to respond to me and provide me with the information requested or confirm that they have provided all the information to which i am entitled....they have 28 days...
  10. Good morning all, A quick running update this morning. No correspondence from anyone, at all. Re Eurodebt/Moneysave Ive referred to ICO stating they haven't provided all the information asked for. A couple of text messages from Cabot saying payment due and payment late. That's it to date....
  11. OK, I'll stay quiet for a bit and see what they come up with, the balls in their court after all. Many thanks..
  12. Good afternoon, No, I haven't the means to record a call I'm afraid. On the paperwork I have been sent they have given a description of each phone call between themselves and me, time, date and brief explanation of the content of that call I'm thinking if they ring again, I'll answer, minute that call and then send a letter with the minuted phone conversation and asking once again to provide details, its a bit of a pain but I don't mind keeping the pressure on if they're trying to hide something or not provide it..
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