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  1. Hi gurggles, I went into sheriff court on 19th april and lodged forms 1 and 1b and received funds on 8th may.hope this helps . Bexy
  2. Hi Bigmac ----Thanks again---GOT THE FUNDS---I would never have had the courage to go through something like this if I did not have all your help and support .I cannot thank all of you enough. Does a site helper post my success ?? .I wont tell my better half but I will drop them a wee note re my £39.(wee donation on way) THANKS AGAIN
  3. HI Bigmac-- asked for £515 + interest(calculated on spreadsheet provided on site) it looked like they owed me £617.00.They have stated in their letter I will receive £635.00 within next 10 days .Costs were not mentioned but I am more than happy .Hope this is okay with everyone .Is this wrong???
  4. stevokenevo--yes my return date was 24/5 hearing date was 31/5 and they are paying me what was requested + interest. why r u asking is there a problem?? and r33 hope you hear soon I will keep watching all the best bex
  5. I HAVE WON !!!!!! I received a letter this morning from Lloyds TSB stating that "They were sorry that i was still not satisfied but that is the way banks work if you don't have enough cash in your account to cover payments BUT this time they would repay me in full and cancel any outstanding charges that were due (I don't have any) to come off my account. They will pay funds into account within next 10 working days.Hope they do I an extatic .Will let you know when funds clear wee donation will be winging it's wat to you when funds clear yipee.
  6. Thanks will keep you updated and (don't take it personally r33) hope I don't meet you in court ha ha but good to know we are kinda workin together at the same stage.
  7. HELP PLEASE--Have I missed something----(my mind is in overdrive) reading through several new threads they have said they took their paperwork to court and received it back several days later they only took the forms 1 and 1b from me and as I have said I have received return date and prelim date and form 11 have I made a mistake somewhere, please help .
  8. Thanks I will keep in touch and will probably ask some more wee questions . Bexy
  9. Thanks pcb do you mean they settled with you before 25/5 bex
  10. Hi all- received papers back from sheriff court today my return date is 24/5//07 and prelim hearing date is 31/5/07, it states that it is up to me to find out from the court if lloyds make any response to my claim this has to be done after return date but before 29/5/07. Is this to see if they contact me ?and what if they don,t .
  11. HI all , due to lack of funds I had to wait until today to start small claims action in Hamilton sheriff court. On representation of forms I felt like a leper due to reception from clerk, but I have done it ,little OLL me has taken lloyds tsb on it has just hit home that I am actually taking on a legal battle with the Big Guns so from now on in I hope I can have support as this is going to prove to myself and others that housewives and others like me DO have a place in the legal system. Thanks for all who have replied to me so far>>>will keep you posted
  12. Thanks stevo will let you know how I get on. B
  13. going to Hamilton sheriff court tomorrow to lodgelclaims forms if the worst comes and bank and I go head to head in courtroom where can I look for advise and what arguements will I make apart from they took money that i could not afford and it was against the law.( by the way this is typical of me thinking ahead about possible problems before they occur but want to make sure I am up to speed.
  14. Thanks guys hope I can report a success as well, will keep you posted due to it being a holiday weekend I think I will have to leave it until Tues but will definately do it then .
  15. Hi all, Thanks for all replies good to know help is at hand.I have just received letter from TSB stating there reasons for charges and to tell me that if they do not hear from me by 24.5. they will close the file, well thats very nice but I have completed forms 1 and 1b with spreadsheets and am filing at local sheriff court on Fri 6th april .Nervous but will keep you informed.
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