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  1. Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice please... I have a flex account with Nationwide, which I haven't used since 2004. While the account was active, I had an overdraft which I started to pay back (overdraft amount was £300, paying £70 a month). I had basically paid the overdraft back when they took out interest taking the account over the agreed limit. I ignored this and they didnt mention it. Until I filed a claim for my charges, which were all for unauthorised overdraft fees. The fees total £424 which I asked they pay back. They have since asked that I rep
  2. Hi, Im wondering if anyone can help me. I am currently trying to reclaim my bank charges for 3 accounts ( 2 with natwest and 1 with nationwide). I sent the data protection letters and £10 cheques on the 14th March 2007. One of the natwest accounts cashed my cheque and a week or so later I have received 1 years worth of statements, dating from August 2001 to Auguest 2002! Obviously this is not what was requested in the letters and is no use to me, so what should I do now? Their 40 days is up on the 23rd of this month, so I dont know what the plan of action should be once that is up. I nee
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