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  1. well then the phone is not FREE it should be advertised as included in price of contract misleading in my view
  2. i aggree IMHO bank computerised systems are written to give you MAXIMUM chance of generating charges. and when you compain they will allways have an answer to make it your fault. hopefully someone will be able to advice you soon.
  3. it is with the rights of banks not to want to do bussiness with you but they would ned a court order to sieze my assets
  4. a bank is not allowed to take money from another account to pay a DD and a basic bank account is unsecured so they cannot tie up another bank account to act as security
  5. yes but they did not tell me that they were doing this and it breaks debt collection guidelines whilst in dispute. i will not let you have your money unless you arrange to pay the money you owe me is blackmail so no terms and conditions in contract can break the law
  6. I have 2 basic bank accounts with a bank and i am on benifets. i dont want to go into details of which bank at this stage. 1 account is overdrawn (100%) charges, the bank has now stoped access to these accounts other is in credit. i cannot access a balance at a till. the automated telephone service just says nil. these accounts are not showing on online banking.i had small amount in which i needed over a weekend but i was not allowed access to unless i made an arrangement to pay the other amount. i have now been charged unpaid item fee for direct debit that i could not put money in to
  7. Dicided to offer northern rock £230 to clear overdraft. thought it was a good price topay for a clean credit file. The bank's could win however unlikely then i would be stuck for 4 yrs bad credit no thanks.
  8. AGB what about sending a full access request under the data protection act 1998 it will cost £10 but they will have to send you all data, notes etc that they have on file for you
  9. Hutchinson 3g one settled £100+ witten off got a ref number from oftello rung execative office with ref number retailer had used a false address so i would pass a credit check which is illegal
  10. as the banks will sign for the batch of recorded delivery letters not individual letters you will not prove delivery . special delivery have to sign for each individual letter
  11. try reading this : http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/86761-phantom-northern-rock-12-a.html post 3 . The Phantom claimed back 12 years
  12. LBA delivered to bank branch requesting charges back plus default removal.
  13. i am not at that stage yet read the thread The Phantom v Northern rock usefull info there:) http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/86761-phantom-northern-rock-12-a.html#post809821
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