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  1. thanks for the advice huff and puff, is there a letter that i send to them, telling them that i will report them to trading standards. is there a template letter i can copy. so basically they are trying to pull the wool over my eyes but not working.
  2. hi pgh7447 i have sent an account in dispute letter, this is what they came back with. so basically i shouldnt worry and just ignore it.
  3. so why send out the letters, seems a waste of time, suppose its in casei buckle and pay up. so do i just totlly egnore them from noe on , no correspondence at all?
  4. so do i just carry on and send off the other account in dispute letters to jd williams no doubt i will receive more of these letters. so they cant take me to court then?
  5. hi i have3 sent off a few account in dispute letters to jd williams and today got some replys from their so called legal department, basically saying that they have complied with my request for a true copy of cca, ( they sent me a blank credit agreement which wasnt signed and had my name and address hand written in it) but in the letter it states " the true copy need not, by law, contain either the signature of the debtor or the date of the signature in our case"......... is this right they are saying that if i dont pay they will go to court and get an enforcement order. is what they are saying true. what do i do now as i have other account i9n dispute letters to send to jd williams. please help.
  6. yes definatley, i,ll just carry on then i think, see what i get back.
  7. accesspwd did u do it online, just not sure what i,m supposed to be doing do u really think i should carry on or am i really just wasting my time.
  8. right yes this is what i wanted to know i cant remember if i ticked box on line i guess i would have to to open the account, so am i wasting my time and money sending out all these cca requests and dispute letters if i,ve not got a leg to stand on. xx
  9. hi no i,ve never signed anything, i have about 12 catalogues ( i know not good is it) but i did them all online and never signed anything.
  10. i cant sorry i dont know how to, if u can tell me how if its easy i can give it a go.
  11. sorry i,m confused, i sent a cca request which states that i request a true signed copy of the cca, was this the wrong one to send. all that has been sent to me is a credit agreement which they have signed i have not, which they have written in my address, on the back is the terms and conditions one side says please send this agreement back to us and other side says this is your copy. but there is no little tick box anywhere.
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