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  1. I'm sure you did your best. For somebody without any legal experience it can be very intimidating going up against such prats, so you did well. I wish I could've seen her face! True. At least the Judge was nice to you. It makes it easier to deal with. Thanks! A mod should be coming along soon to advise. I could do with replenishing my supply, almost running out & my trip means I can't buy another bottle for a while! Smart decision.
  2. I'm sure you did fight your best. I would have answered that the t&c's can't exclude loss of enjoyment, and that the flight was promised was different, so even if the plane was safe enough to fly, you couldn't enjoy the flight, and as such they were liable for at least part of the monies. Shame I couldn't be there, I would've loved to stick one at Branson! I think the judge made the wrong decision, but unfortunately appealing is not cost effective and is too risky.
  3. Bloody hell! What happened? Did the judge give reasons? The claim wasn't overstated, but as they had made a similar offer, you were lucky Virgin didn't even get travel costs. legalpickle is annoyed! legalpickle agrees! I think sexyfufu is taking this a lot better than I would! I'd be royally peeved off! By all standards she was entitled to more! I'd surely appreciate a nice bottle of whisky (or wine - but must be Kosher, whereas all Scotch whisky's are fine), but not sure I deserve it considering you didn't get nearly as much as you deserv
  4. May I respectively disagree with sam's advice here. The bundle of documents has already admitted that there was no prior advice of the building work - as it has claimed that it was minor. Slaving over some topics and asking them questions is likely to open a can of worms. These people are trained in avoiding the question. They may also try to open up mitigating circumstances of not being aware of something. Try your utmost to not give them any such opportunity. And if they do try to raise any such mitigating circumstances answer something like this: With respect, it is clear from Vir
  5. No problemo. The ball's now in your court - pun intended:D! Prep for hearing: Your case is on the small claims track, which is meant to be informal. It depends on the judge you get, as different judges work in different ways. You will be before a District Judge ("DJ") or Deputy District Judge ("DDJ"). A DDJ is a Solicitor or Barrister who has gone through training and stands in for a DJ. A DJ normally goes through being a DDJ before going onto the bench in a permanent position as a DJ. If the DJ/DDJ is a male, you address him as 'Sir', and if a female either 'Madam' or 'Ma'
  6. Great. You can't go through the documents enough. You can write notes on the pictures, make sure you know what is where so you aren't caught off guard. Make as many clear and concise notes as you will need and go through them with your husband. Will write prep for hearing later on. Please come back first thing in the morning to see it. You will need to make sure you & your husband are at the court 15 minutes before the hearing. Don't worry, if you have everything prepared it can only go well. GOOD LUCK!
  7. Please confirm you have understood all the above, and constructed the documents so that you understand what needs to be said and gone through before I prep you for the actual hearing.
  8. Above posts of mine: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/holiday-companies/224145-wedding-honeymoon-one-problem-23.html#post2967555 & http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/holiday-companies/224145-wedding-honeymoon-one-problem-23.html#post2967551 need dealing with by you. Next: An imperatively important part of this claim is the legal background. This is Section 3 in the Particulars of Claim. You MUST have this crystal clear in your head, and should have this on the first page of the documents that you will use to talk in the hearing (i.e. notes). The basis is as foll
  9. Almost there. I specifically stated that you should merge the parts of Section 1 - i.e. paragraphs in Section 1 relevant to parts of Section 4 should be merged together. I am advising you to do this so that when you go to the hearing you won't need to go back and forth between diferent sections and will have everything crystal clear and there in front of you. Everything that's relevant to each part of the claim should be together to avoid you hunting around each document.
  10. What I mean by the response is this. 1) Go through the response to defence document that we attached to the AQ. Make sure you understand each part of it, and prepare the document so that the response document is easy to place in front of you - when you get to the hearing next to the defence. When I refer to the defence I mean the defence of VH. The defence of MBNA is simple to respond to, and I will deal with at the end of this. Make sure you understand each and every response, and have it clear in your head, in case you need to say anything at the hearing. -------------------
  11. NO! By Particulars I mean the section dealing with the monies you are claiming. You need to break down what you are claiming IN YOUR OWN WORDS! What I mean is this. Take Section 4 and merge it with Section 1, putting the relevant details of Section 1 into each claim of Section 4, breaking it down in your own words.
  12. I need to go through it all. Please stay online till midnight.
  13. Needs to be longer than that. Please go through each of the Particulars of Claim and break them down here, in short format, trying to spell correctly - and verbalise it as best as possible in your own words. Next, please go through their letters, concisely breaking their defences down here, and then respond after each one. I'll be back much later. Gotta take a break - not stopped since 6am! What times the hearing tomorrow?
  14. I don't. 1) I suggest you call VH tomorrow (today) just to see if they will settle at 50% (incl. interest to date - calculate it before you call them) plus the court fees. Give it a last shot to save you the hearing. 2) Prepare a breakdown of everything that happened in short format for the hearing. Go through it with your husband. Both of you should attend. Post it up here. 3) The letter from your mother is not attached. Please post it up here. I'll do my best to prep you on the hearing tomorrow. I've been mad busy since I got back, barely had a minute to think! I'm also s
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