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  1. Hi got an offer that I am happy with,just waiting on the cheque. Thanks for your help and encouragement it really was as simple as you said Thanks
  2. Thanks for your reply, I phoned them up and told them that my husband and I work for the local council 20 plus years and still do and as such get generous sick pay and redundancy cover .I also thought that we felt we had to take the mpi to get our mortgage. After taking some details she said we would hear back in 5 days, would this be just an acknowlegement of the claim or will we have to fill in any forms. THANKS
  3. Did you phone the ppi helpline number on the Halifax website and was your premiums paid monthly . thanks.
  4. linda m


    Thanks for your quick reply will get on to that thanks again
  5. linda m


    Phoned swintons twice now and keep on getting the same answer" don' t know how this has happened.just human error.it happens sometimes we are not all perfect" I think this is shocking, granted the premium was put back in my sisters a/c and apparentlyan apology letter will be sent out, tbink i will send a letter any suggestions on whay to say thamks
  6. linda m


    Last year we took out car insurance, then from the same company [ swinton] we got a phonecall a week or so later to sell us personal accident insurance. We did not really want it but we were persuaded by the salesperson that as the first 3 months were free we would be silly not to take up the offer, which we did,knowing that we would cancel after this free period. Well after 2 months I did indeed cancel before the due cancellation date, sent them an e-mail and cancelled the direct debit ,thought no more about it. Now this is where it gets a bit weird ,just before christmas my sister calls me and asks if I have personel accident insurance with Swinton , I said not now because I cancelled it , but a payment to Swinton has come out of my bank acc said my sister did you give them my details ,certainly not ,I do not know them I replied. I got the details from her and phoned up Swinton myself and explained there had been some sort of mix up , but HOW 1 My sister is with the RBS ---I am with TSB and the car insurance D/D is with tsb 2 We have different names 3 I have no reason to know my sisters a/c details 4 The only thing we had in common was 3 years ago my sister lived across the road from me same postcode different door no but similar 161/ 116 5 My sister had Swinton Home Insurance They could not explain how this could have happened but would refund sisters a/c within 10 days. I asked them to send a letter of exlanation and an apology but none have been recieved should I phone back and what should I do Thanks
  7. who are buchanan clark and wells are they something to do with lowel
  8. Hi watching this thread with great interest as I too have MIF added on to a loan with welcome. Just how this outfit have operated is unbelievable ,good luck with your claim
  9. thanks accepted their offer and cleared of my payment arrears with it many thanks for all the advice
  10. Hi eventually sent subject access to BCT, they sent back a pile of stuff which I am going through ,what can I claim back- charge £25 for letter sent - yes default interest charged daily until a/c brought up to date - don't know charge £10 for failed d/d - don't know termination fee £75 -don't know I know I can claim back the £25 for they charged me for letters sent out but not sure about the rest , this a/c was settled back in nov2006. any advice thanks
  11. Hi I think I have won and only one letter sent , my ppi from first loan in 2002 was rejected:( loan 2 from2005 I have been offered 457.30 with135.59 stat interest, loan 3 from2006 [this was a top up loan] Ihave been offered 1312.20 with167.19 stat interest Not too sure if these figures are right or if they are trying to fob me of though Any advice THANKS
  12. i have had a decree for 1600 pound i have paid £1520.20 to date since the decree. they say i still owe 695 are trying to say they will go to my place of employment namely the school i work at who do not pay my wages, they said on the phone that they would send sheriff officers to apply an arrestment on my wages. please advise. Linda m
  13. been phoned today about a supposed outstanding loan payment , the company said they would serve an arrestment of wages at my work. Iwork for the local authority at a school and they said they would get sheriff oficers to go to the school and serve it, is this allowed surely not , the school does not pay me the wages dept of the local authority pay me. Any advice would be much apreciated
  14. Hi hope someone can help,whilst doing a long overdue cleanout I came across paperwork from 2002 concerning loans with black horse and welcome both with ppi included. Will I still be able to reclaim this back or is it too late ,if I remember correctly my husband injured his back and was off work for a few months which then led to a few more months off with deppresion and none of the ppi's would pay out . Iwould be gratefull for any advise.
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