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  1. What I would do is this: I would send an email to their head office demanding the refunds be carried out by a certain amount of days and advise them that if they do not refund your money you will forward your complaint to the airport directors here in the UK. My local airport has Sky Europe flights every day
  2. Well written letter, I myself have written many to my bank and in hindsight I must be the most sarcastic customer that exists? One day we might all have a laugh and share our communications to these banks!
  3. BankFodder, as stated in the past, it took me many weeks and even involving my MP, but I did manage to get my bank statements from about March 1994. (they are nicely stored) So they do have the data at the Yorkshire Bank!
  4. Short haul flights usually equate to a flight up to 3 hours long! Medium haul is around 3 to 5 hours! 6 hours plus is long haul!!!!
  5. How long has she been employed by this employer? Does she pay National Insurance contributions? How long has she got before the baby is due? No one could advise you without the above information!
  6. As much as I feel for you, it has to be said that technically they do not have to refund you anything as a contract was formed when your boyfriend booked the flights. I think in this case they have been fair, as they can now see on their records the duplication. Whilst I appear negative, I think you should consider your luck that at least you got some money back and can afford to go on holiday-as I am sure many can't.
  7. Can I ask C A G members look at the following work instruction and tell me if I am either right or wrong on my conclusion of its meaning... I quote: 'Payment for staff rostered, but not required(e.g, if the clients premises are closed), to work on a Bank Holiday will normally be paid at a single time rate, subject to local agreement. To avail yourself of this, you must give notice, in writing, of your availability and willingness to work on the applicable Bank Holiday, at least 1 week prior to the Bank Holiday. This is the only mechanism to ensure payment. Failure to adhere to this procedure means that you will not be paid for the applicable Bank Holiday. If you do not wish to work on the applicable Bank Holiday when rostered, but not required (due, for example, to the client's premises being closed), then you will either not be paid or, alternatively, are required to take paid annual leave for the applicable day.' My personal thoughts on the above instruction is that, as a term of employment you are effectively on 'CALL OUT' and if you advise them you want to work but are denied in doing so, you should be paid for this? If you do not want to work it, then you are left with two options: 1) To ask it be paid as a Bank Holiday and therefore be 1/28th of your holiday or entitlement? 2) To not request it as a holiday and not claim payment, thus allowing your holiday entitlement to be un-touched so you can take it when you want? In conclusion, I believe that a staff member who complies with the above instruction and gives an employer up to four weeks advance notice that they have been asked to stand down but are prepared to work and who therefore are effectively on call out should not be told that any stand down has to be taken as holiday? Local agreement is that stand down is in place and has been so for many years. During the last few years there has been no problems with this procedure until the increase of holiday entitlement from October 2007 where now in April 2009 the employer is saying that those who have been paid stand down during 2008 have taken surplus holidays and must pay it back. I disagree and feel adament, that stand down pay as per above, has no connection with the holiday entitlements (unless you do NOT want to work it). I appreciate that the majority of industry workers are off every Bank Holiday and companies can include this as the extra eight days entitlement but if in another industry you have always been on call out (if you chose to) All thoughts or clarifications welcome.
  8. This was a very interesting read. What should be in-bedded in ALL BANK WORKERS minds, is that irrelevant of position they hold- they should above anything- be compassionate to those customers who from the hideous bank charges regime end up feeling despaired, and insist in returning to a culture where customers irrelevant of financial status are treated equally and with respect and for the poorer members of our society not to be discarded as pieces of dogs poo! Over one year ago I stated bank workers would lose their jobs and I was rubbished by them on this very site! Whilst I have no joy in any person being made redundant I feel their industry is about to have a major and very necessary shake up. As they discard their staff, they increase funds to pay back the likes of me, what they made me wait for many years! I therefore have no compassion for an industry that through greed and money hungry poachers, technically, has brought this World to its knee's...
  9. I was wondering if someone could advise me on some issues that a friend is experiencing at the moment- My friend has been working for her company for 22 months. After 4 months of starting, she was then asked to work at another site and as such the staffing levels were different and this mean that due to the operation there were some bank holidays that she was not needed and therefore asked to "stand down". Now her initial thoughts were that she did not want to lose pay as she has during this 18 months been working (as requested by manager) to work 12 hours a day Monday to Friday. However she did receive pay for these stand downs and if she didn't she chased up the matter with her manager who would then authorise payment. In effect, for some bank holidays she did not work she got stand down pay and for those bank holidays she did work she was payed double rate. Now in her profession she does get paid for full 12 hours so no deduction is made for lunch breaks. Based on the fact she has for 18 months been working Monday to Friday at MINIMUM 60 hour week (with no variations and does this total does NOT include overtime hours) and she has a written contract stating "holiday entitlement is in accordance with Working Time Regulations" I ask you all how the following can occur... 1) Her employer firstly has never communicated any reference to changes in holiday entitlement increase whether by verbal / written communication since what she has discovered was from October 2007! How can they now stop this stand down pay? 2) Although I have seen some of her wage slips showing previous holiday payments being paid at 12 hours per shift, why has she been verbally advised in the last 3 weeks that she will now only be getting paid for 11.2 hours per work day as apposed to the full 12 hours? (Every web site I have checked for her states that a person paid for 60 hours a week minimum and over a period (hers being 18 months) should be getting full 12 hours pay. So how can her employer change this payment? She has since (last few days) received a wage slip show reduced payment to her holiday pay! 3) Interestingly, when I looked at her wage slips, sometimes the wage slips show a BASIC PAY figure (60.00 x hourly rate) and other payslips simply state ADDNLHRS (60.00 x hourly rate) FInally, she and her collegues are paid every two weeks but one of them has not been paid (as of Friday) for 6 weeks now due to someones errors but not that of the supervisor who has tried desperately to resolve the matter but to no avail. WHat options do you think should be taken?
  10. Just to correct previous entry I made on here some time back. I have my full bank statements from May xxxx 1993 and account is titled Paymaster Plus Account.
  11. Are you an employee of MI5 or MI6, or are you a company CEO? If you are then maybe you should give 3 months notice. If you are not, then advise us what job it is you do then we can advise.
  12. I agree with some of the comments above that this issue is absolutely discusting! YOU MUST! Make a formal complaint and demand a formal investigation. I personally would go as far as writing to Gordon Brown and DEMAND that he investigate this issue. In addition I would DEMAND a resignation from those invvolved!
  13. This is an interesting post. It is very rare I imagine for a web site not to give a total price unless you enter your payment details! Now I am assuming that you are a very trusting person and did not realise your error. However one option that may be possible (subject to holiday date) is to cancel the holiday and lose a percentage of the cost. You should do this immediately so that you lose less money. Now if you are 100% sure of what you claim, then send me all the details and website address to my profile (BUT NOT YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS!) and I will look at it and see if I can see what happened. I am not saying you are a liar because once I booked a flight and attempted payment but it was declined. I had plenty of money in my account so could not understand what went wrong. However a staff member from airline phoned me and tried to process payment manually but to no avail. A month later my bank statement showed I had paid! and I never even knew I had missed the flight! However I did get it refunded.
  14. Last August my sister decided to buy a holiday caravan home, before she did I checked out this site and others. I tried in vain to warn her not to bother but she did. She paid a total of £14000 for a 6 birth caravan. However in January she decided she did not want to keep it and asked the site management if he would buy it back (as he sold it to her). He advised her that due to the recession he could offer her £1400. I fail to understand how the recession is far worse now than in August? So in 5 months she lost about 90%! When she sought advice from legal sources she was told that all the information is in the small print and totally legal although unfair! Please do not buy these holiday homes without having the documents SCRUTENISED by a solicitor and having all the small print explained to you. My sister has learnt her lesson though expensive and rather than give the pleasure to the site management of a cheap bargain (which I am sure they would re-sell at £14000 again), she has sold it at great reduced cost but far higher than what was offered!
  15. I can help with one point here and I am making an assumption that he is 41 years of age or older!(41 or older = 1.5 times weekly wage x years (12) but excludes minimum level allowed, but as a director I am sure he would be treated quite well? Taking into account he is to receive a mere £7000.00 that equates to a mere £388.00 for every year of service when if as you stated he was was on £60k+ plus, should be 18 x £1153 which = £20,769 minimum! Please note that under government rules a "TIGHT" company could just pay the minimum amount but as I said your ex was a director and as such should have a far better redundancy package! Good luck in your quest and dont be fobbed off.
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