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  1. On friday I went into Phones 4 U and stupidly let a guy talk me into signing up for that 3 mobile broadband on a 24 month contract at £25 per month. After setting it up ive realised it rubbish and i dont get anywear near the 2.8mbps connection speeds - so I just want to cancel it - send it back - and get broadband down the phone line. But after looking through the smallpring it says all returns must be made within 3 DAYS! YES, 3 DAYS!!! is that not ridiculous? is there not something in the law which says it must be 14 days??? Im going to Phones 4 U tomorrow to try and get my contract
  2. cool. ill wait til the end of the month (payday), then file a claim.
  3. you think i should just go ahead and file another claim with moneyclaim.gov??
  4. No this is my second claim (1st claim was settled in october). Therefore i just went online and checked my statements for the dates of the charges. Letter sent on 16th Nov was: "since claiming back the charges you placed on my account, im disappointed to notice that you have charged me a further £222 in the space of one month. Id like to remind you that you have already settled one claim and it would be in your interest to return the additional charges immediately etc etc no response 14th dec: "im disappointed that you have failed to respond to my letter of 16th november. Y
  5. I have recently moved out of my parents with my girlfriend, however most of my bills/debts etc are registered to my parents address. Ive had quite a few defaults over the past couple of years and im worried that it might effect my parents credit rating, or put a black mark on the address. My parents are really good with credit and have warned me that they would go mental if something I did would affect their financial positions in the future. Any ideas if defaults show on the address and are linked with anyone living there?
  6. Is there a a certain amount of time that Natwest has to respond to the letters i've sent them? I sent them a letter on the 16th November (for a second lot of charges). After no response, I sent them another letter on the 14th December (adding to it even more charges they had placed on my account). I've still heard nothing - should I send another letter, or just wait? Any help appreciated
  7. has anyone got any links? im gonna try attack this one on my own...
  8. yes i was informed about the defaults and have come to accept that there are 2 or 3 defaults on my file which is beyond repair for a fewyears. Basically i get paid £880 a month. about £150 of that goes staright away in overdraft charges and direct debits bouncing. I recently reclaimed £800 in charges over the past few years so i cant go for that option. is there any down side to giving this company £120 a mont for 3 years? like i said my credit file is already beyond repair so a couple more defaults aren't gonna make a difference. How long winded is it if i do it all myself
  9. Ok to cut a long story short, i have a credit card which is over the limit every month. My overdraft is over its limit every month. Im getting charges on charges, have about £3500 worth of debt and although im earning a regular wage, it barely gets me by due to all these fees and payment. I have plenty of black marks on my credit file from the past few years. I spoke to AllClear finance who said they cant offer me a loan, but are willing to put me on a debt management program. I pay them £120 a month, and i am debt free in 3 years. Im aware that this shows on my credit file, as it default
  10. My final settlement came with the cheque enclosed
  11. ok how does this sound, for a letter? £222 IN CHARGES Dear Sir/Madam, ACCOUNT NUMBER: 79505570 Since claiming back the unfair charges you placed on my account, I am disappointed to notice that you have charged me a further £222 in the space of one month! (16th October 2006 – 16th November 2006). This is outrageous and perhaps you have failed to realise that I wouldn’t actually go over my overdraft limit if I didn’t have these charges! I’d like to remind you that you have already settled one claim and to avoid any further unnecessary litigation it would be in your
  12. after claiming back my charges a few weeks ago, ive been charged a further £222 in total since then!! Can i claim back again using the same process as before?
  13. Claim was issued on 29th September 2006. 3 October 2006 - An acknowledgement of Service of your claim has been filed today, a copy of which is attached. The defendant now has 28 days from the date of service of the claim form to file a defence. [attached] Natwest (Royal Bank Of Scotland PLC) intend to defend all of this claim. Natwest also sent me a letter on the 3rd October saying that they will offer me £440. I sent them a letter back saying I do not accept their offer and will continue to claim for the full £740 plus £80 in court fees. maybe i should have just take
  14. this happened to me last week. I had direct debits coming out of my savings account by accident (which had a balance of about £3) they have charged me nearly £180!! it was my own fault though so is there anything i can do?
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