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  1. very very confused over this whole situation i know i have a large sum of charges to reclaim from abbey but dont know where to start or what letter to send first and who to can somebody please help me.x i would just like this in simple terms. can you email me direct with this info please my address is [email protected] thanks kellie.
  2. hiya. just some bits of info that might be of some help to you in fighting scottish power. up until feb this year i worked for southern electric. now when your metre was changed the details of this should have been changed on a database called mpass however what you dont realise is that scottish power according to many websites have the worst customer service ratings from all the companies, so you understand why your details werent updated now. what you can do is call mpass yourself if you have the date the metre was changed. also what you can also do is this: all gas and electric companies are regulated by energywatch and are accreddited by energysure. scottish power have been know to completely wipe peoples debts if threatened with energywatch. i would be inclined to call energywatch straight after another conversation with scottish power (use some name dropping!!) because energywatch will get this sorted a lot quicker than you. constant complaints will lose them their accreditation. a bit of advice for the new house is 1. switch to southern electric not only are they the cheapest in the market but also have the best customer service departments, their call centres are freephone, and they also offer better deals for paying by direct debit or online payments. 2. every month on the same date take a meter reading for your own benefit as then not only could you prove your actual readings but you can input them online with most companies. 3. if you email a complaint to the company by law they have 28 days to reply and deal with it. hope this information helps you. kells.
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