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  1. I was under the impression that JSA loans didn't have any sort of license in that actual name. Am I wrong?
  2. Hi Caggers. Finally my Sis in Law has seen the light and decided not to go any further with this "company". I showed her this thread and your comments about the company and she was gobsmacked, but relieved that she hadn't sent them any money. The cheeky sods even emailed her on Saturday saying that she must pay the £50 by Wednesday or they will cancel the loan.
  3. Pardon my ignorance. But are we saying that this is definately a [problem]?
  4. Hi all Just a quick update on this. Today my sis in law received a letter from this company saying that she had been approved for a loan. Attached to the letter was a paypoint payment card for repaying the loan. However the letter says that prior to getting the loan she must make a £50 payment to activate the card. It also says that by making the payment, she is also electronically signing the agreement and accepting the loan. It goes on to say that the £50 is a deposit and once paid someone will call the next working day to deliver the loan in cash and the £50 will be refunded.
  5. Thanks Guys, You have all just confirmed what I thought in the first place. Unfortunately some ppl just don't want to take good advice, and my sister in law went ahead and applied anyway. I will let you all know how it turns out!!
  6. Hi there, Could anyone give me some info on jsaloans.co.uk? They are a personal loan company, that say they are accredited by the Jobcentre + and DWP. They apparently offer unsecured loans of between £500 to £7500 to people on low income and benefits with no credit checks etc... They deliver cash money to your door once approved and you make repayments with a paypoint card. They say they have over 1 million customers nationwide, yet I couldn't find any reviews on them using google. The reason I am asking is that my sister in law has applied for a loan with them and has been "approve
  7. Hi all In short I purchased a rolex Oysterdate from an ebay seller in Hong Kong with nearly 1000 +tive feedbacks. Watch arrived not working, so took it to a local watchsmith who told me it was a fake and gave me a report confirming such. I started a paypal claim immediately and was told by paypal that they have found in my favour and that I will be refunded once I return the watch to the seller. The problem there is that I believe I will be commiting various offences myself by returning the watch. For example it is an offence to and against RM's Ts&Cs to send counterfeit items by
  8. What was the judgement on the 17th? And did it deal with the attestation issue?
  9. Tell me if I am wrong, but from reading the judgement sam1986 linked to above, it would seem that LBL did win the attestation issue on appeal by a majority decision with Judge Levenson dissenting. Hence the paragraph: "We unanimously give permission to appeal to theUpper Tribunal against that part of a decision of a First-tier Tribunal, madeon 21 December 2010, which dealt with what has been called “the AttestationIssue”. By a majority (Judges Howell and Turnbull, Judge Levenson dissenting)we allow the appeal, set aside the First-tier Tribunal’s decision in respect ofthe Attestation Issue
  10. Thanks Letsdothis!! Any idea how I go about reclaiming postage?
  11. I would dearly love to sillygirl, but he would then probably give me negative feedback which would lead to paypoo restricting my account and holding all my future payments!! All in the name of buyer satisfaction!!!
  12. Hi All I sold an item on Ebay that the buyer required urgently and asked me to send Special delivery before 1pm, which he paid for. The item should have been with him yesterday but never turned up. I phoned RM and they admitted that they had "misplaced" the parcel but assured me that they would find it and it would definately be delivered today before 1pm. I have contacted the seller and asked him if he has received it and he says he hasn't as yet. He is very annoyed and wants his postage costs refunded, which is understandable, however he also wants compensating from me his inconvenience
  13. Hi Carter, First things first!! Don't be scared! There are things you can do. In my opinion and after reading most of the threads on here I and probably many others would advise you to hide your car very well, because you WILL wake up one morning to find it gone and it won't take them long!!! Once you have done that as that is your number one priority, come back here and read through all the threads to get an idea of what you must do next. A couple of questions for you now: 1) Have you been sent a default notice? 2)Do you have copies of all your agreements and your BOS and ar
  14. Hi there Sorry to hear that you're having problems with lbl! In answer to your question, chances are that we buy any car will know that you have a lbl secured on the car as they HPI check vehicles they buy, and lbl do tend to register their interest on the HPI register. I also don't believe that a bill of sale is valid in scotland, but this won't stop them trying to take your car!! So if I was you I would hide your car very well until you can sort something out! In the mean time I would get some legal advice re the bill of sale pronto!! Tim
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