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  1. It is my intention to stick to my guns. However they're shysters and I don't want to risk them sticking more costs on in pursuing me to the ends of the earth. They were on the phone asking for money before the ink was dry and have called me several times since, some missed calls and some I received. They are probably well used to people not wanting to pay at all let alone not wanting to pay an inflated price.
  2. I never thought I'd be likely to have PPI but I finaly relented to one of those cold calls on the basis that I'd be happy to pay 25% for money I never knew I had. Surprise surprise £812 was payed into my bank account last friday. By monday the claim company were on the phone asking for their 25% + Vat - £269 the guy said. I said I'd pay by BACS. I then realised that 25% + VAT on £812 was not £269 so I adjusted the figure and made the payment. I had a guy phone me today saying I'm £25 short on my payment. He said that Barclays awarded me more than £812 but deducted TAX on the interest portion of the payment. The guy declared that their charge was based on the full ammount prior to deduction. I said I was happy to pay commission on what I HAD been paid but not on what I HANDN'T. I've since had documentation from Barclays showing that tax had been deducted. He started to harrass me then and I said their charge was unconcionable and I would not pay £25 more. I said see you in court". He proceeded to browbeat me and the call lasted about 15 mins. He declared they would pursue me to the end's of the earth for this £25 (or words to that effect) I'd be interested in any comment or suggestions. Telling me that I should not have used a claims company would not be helpful at this point.
  3. They have been making this threat for a year now. Nobody ever comes.
  4. Yesterday I received a text from Xcercise for less We're both pensioners so the tone of this could be considered intimidating. I think it is certainly designed to intimidate. CRS told me they intended to take legal action over a year ago which I have repeatedly invited them to do and they have not informed me that they do not intend to go ahead with this. Therefore this threat of action by the gym is a duplication of threat. I wonder if it is illegal? - I certainly intend to make a further complaint to the OFT.
  5. it does rather sound like they are under current scrutiny
  6. I have had the following response from OFT Our ref Epic/Enq/L/126002 Fax (020) 721 1 887 Date 26 February 2013 Email [email protected] Dear Mr Thompson Consumer Credit Act 1974 (the Act) Complaint Against: Harlands Services Ltd trading as Credit Resolution Services and C R SLicense No: 526513 Thank you for your letter and supporting documentation received on 22 February 2013, further to your earlier letter, updating us about the problems you are still having with the above mentioned trader. Based on the information you have provided, l have checked the OFT's Consumer Credit Register (CCR) and can confirm that Harlands Services Ltd holds a consumer credit licence number 0526513, with trading names Credit Resolution Services and C.R S. You can check the CCR yourself, which is available via the OFT website: http://www.oft.gov.uk/consumercreditregister We will take into account the further ‘information’ you have helpfully given us as we continue to monitor this trader's fitness to hold a credit licence. Thank you once again for taking the time to write to us about this matter. Yours sincerely P Solis Enquiries and Reporting Centre Office of Fair Trading
  7. I have today had a further two letters (Me and My Wife) from CRS. I will copy the contents below. The letter seems out of context of the timeline of communications. I'm wondering if this requires a response, C R S I Credit Resolution Services . 3 19 February 2013 Dear Mrs Thompson IMPORTANT - PLEASE CALL US TODAY ON 01444 449165 Xercise 4 Less Stockton Ref. No: W1458937 Following our initial letter, we are disappointed that your account with Xercise 4 Less Stockton is still in arrears and our fee has not been paid. We would still like to reach an amicable resolution to this, however, if you fail to respond to this letter, we will have no option but to commence further action to recover the monies owed. The options available to us are: 1. LEGAL ACTION We believe you are in breach of a legally binding contract with Xercise 4 Less Stockton because you have not paid your membership and our fees. We may pursue a claim under this contract through the Courts. Lf we do so the following process would apply: 1. We will write a formal letter explaining what we are demanding and give you a final opportunity to pay/reply; 2. If this failed to settle the matter we would issue proceedings against you in the County Court; 3. You could then either: a. make payment, ending the legal process, or b. dispute some, or all, of the amount was owed. 4. lf you dispute the amount was owed the Court process would continue, at the end of which the Court would make a decision on our claim. 5. A strict Court imposed timescale will apply in relation to the Court process. Were we to be successful in our claim, or if you ignore the claim, a County Court Judgment (CCJ) may be registered against you requiring you to make payment. You may also be liable for our costs of pursuing legal action and interest on the amount owed. If you then fail to pay the amount covered by the CCJ we would take the next steps required to enforce the judgment. To do this we would have to make an application to Court. 2. OUTSOURCE TO EXTERNAL AGENTS Your account would be passed to another Collection Agency who will take further action to recover the monies owed. YOU CAN AVOID THIS HAPPENING lF WITHIN THE NEXT 10 DAYS YOU CONTACT US ON 01444 449165 TO ARRANGE PAYMENT WITH US. Yours sincerely For Credit Resolution Services ~19 Lynn Thyer / Legal Officer lst Floor, 41-43 Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, R1-116 EBN Tel No: 01444 449 165 Facsimile: 01444 449152 Email: cg]Icctioitsfmcreditresolution.co.nk Credit Resolution Services is a trading title of Harlands Services Ltd Rerzistered Office: lst Floor, 4l~43 Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 3BN Registration N0. 2982925 Licensed under tlie Consumer Credit Act 1974 No. 526513 .
  8. My desire to get some information from the post office was more about preparation for arguing my case in court
  9. sending this letter today with your suggested addition. One other thing occurred to me. Following what was, as far as I'm concerned, the first letter I received from CRS they sent me copies of six letters they claimed to have sent me prior to that. (3 to me and 3 to my wife) I had not received any of these. It seems highly improbable that I would fail to receive a total of six letters and yet have received every CRS communication since. I believe they are lying about the previous 6 letters. Either they concocted them retrospectively or else some office junior failed to send them. Whatever, I never received them. I made an inquiry at the sorting office but was told to come back and speak to the manager. I never go around to that - my life is busy enough without pests like CRS. However, I think that perhaps for completeness of my defence I should send a formal enquiry to the post office with full details of these six missing letters. Naturally I will send a copy of this communication to CRS. Do you think I should do this?
  10. it just finishes there but I can add that line. It is after all about brow beating and harassment.
  11. OK how does this look below: I'll send CRS a copy but I hardly need to since they are following this thread 16/02/13 Enquiries and Reporting Centre Office of Fair Trading Fleetbank House 2-6 Salisbury Square London EC4Y 8JX Dear Sir, I refer to my letter to you of 23/04/2012 and your reply of 4/52012 (ref epic/enf/l/126002) The correspondence refers to Credit Resolution Services (CRS) of 1st Floor, 41-43 Perrymount Rd, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 3BN and Harlands who operate from the same address and are likely to be the same company. CRS are harassing me for money I do not owe and making threats of action despite my pointing out that there is no legal or contractual basis for their claim and that some “charges” applied by Harlands are unlawful penalties. I have asked them to desist since I dispute their claim and have suggested that if they believe they have a valid claim against me, they are free to take court action. They continue to harass and threaten me by letter and their most recent letter asserts that since they have had no contact from OFT their claim is valid and enforceable. Also I have been receiving text messages from the Gym demanding money at a rate of one or two per month. These texts state Your account is in default and will be passed to a third party door step debt collection team if not cleared today. Attached is a screenshot of some examples. This language is clearly designed to intimidate. seem to be unable to attach the screenshot - it can be viewed here http://screencast.com/t/ukNJv8ZAvo
  12. I'm wondering if it is time to make a second complaint to the OFT. Despite being encourage to prove the validity of their case in court CRS are still sending me letters. Also the gym at the same time have been sending me text messages saying they are handing over my case to a "doorstep agency". This is harassment is it not?
  13. I'm not bluffing - I did write to the OFT and I did get a response. CRS also said in the letter I refer to now , "We enclose a copy of the forum posted on the internet, which I am sure you will find interesting, which we have placed on our file for future reference." This refers to my post #5 in this thread concerning the email (that DID mention a 12 month agreement) this went to spam unnoticed, until later. As far as I'm concerned, it changes nothing ! (including the fact that CRS have very poor writing skills) Slick132 is already aware of this and agrees.
  14. I know the OFT thing is odd. They asked if I had a reply from the OFT and I said that I had and that the letter was addressed to me and the contents were mine to read.
  15. Just heard form CRS demanding £212.33 X 2 ( Me and my wife). They say they have not received any correspondence from the OFT but I find hard to understand the relevance of this. As I have said all along I signed nothing, received no copy of TOC's and none were mentioned to me.
  16. We've now worked out some key dates. I called the Gym on Oct 9th, decided to give it a try and set up a direct debit. The Gym was not yet open, they said first direct debit would go out a month after opening (SEE NOTE 1) The First Payment went out 28th November (SEE NOTE 2) My wife visited the Gym on December 5th (SEE NOTE 3) We cancelled the direct debit December 6th NOTE 1 This was on the phone, I did not visit the Gym or their website I believed I was setting up a payment simply to pay for membership No mention was made of 12 months minimum membership I received no terms and conditions and none were mentioned I signed nothing and no membership agreement was received NOTE 2 - we were unaware the Gym had opened - no notification was received NOTE 3 my wife asked to be shown around the gym - response " we don't do that" my wife asked about an induction to the gym - response " we don't do that" my wife asked about an membership cards - response " we don't do that" my wife said, "I don't think this is for us, I'm cancelling our membership" - response - shrug of shoulders we cancelled the direct debit the next day (Dec 6th) . She recalls now - it was her birthday.
  17. I just had a call from CRS. Took me a little by surprise. They said they were chasing a response to their question about the OFT and Trading Standards so I'll send the letter recommended earlier. Now idea why they're so keen on this aspect. I was pretty non committal and bland on the phone. No idea if there was something I should have said. No I go figure how to block a caller on my mobile. Should I add a note to the letter instructing them not to call me as I don't want to be hassled [edit to add] got home to find they left a message on my machine also
  18. I went on holiday and never did reply CRS's question about Trading Standards and OFT. So effectively I've ignored them as I said I would. Should I reply with the suggested text even at this late stage or not. Yesterday I had another text from the gym saying they were definitely sending a doorstep caller. I did not respond to this either. Surely on top of CRS this constitutes harassment. Should I write to them or simply ignore and see if it happens. I've still not got the dates that you asked for but still looking into it
  19. I will provide answers but I need to search back in my memory bank. For me this was a casual thing. I did not envisage I was entering into any kind of long term agreement as this was never verbalised, requested nor agreed. I will put two and two together with my wife and remember the timeline.
  20. A little disturbing to imagine that could be happening but then of course it is a public forum
  21. I just had a strange letter from CRS: Above is verbatim including odd punctuation and use of the word "matter" 3 times in one sentence. How should I respond to this? I can think of four possible choices: Just ignore them completely as I've said I would. Respond with the following: "I can confirm that I have made complaints to the OFT and Trading standards about the conduct of CRS, Harlands and Xcercise 4 Less" Respond with the following: "I can confirm that I have made complaints to the OFT and Trading standards about the conduct of CRS, Harlands and Xcercise 4 Less. I have had responses from both parties" Respond with the following: "I can confirm that I have made complaints to the OFT and Trading standards about the conduct of CRS, Harlands and Xcercise 4 Less. I have had responses from both parties. In essence their responses were: Trading Standards say they will assist in preparing my defence should the matter come to court and OFT say that the will add my complaint to their file on CRS/Harlands. They would not divulge to me what action they would take but you may be hearing from them soon " I was tempted to say that the contents of my private correspondence are just that, private but found no easy or useful way to say it. However I find the CRS stance a little odd and there may be an opportunity to yank their tail a little. I could exaggerate the OFT and T.S. responses a little to unsettle and cause CRS/Harlands concern, a tactic they're more used to dishing out than receiving.
  22. Sorry - I meant to respond to your comment about time but then forgotten as it's gone quiet this end. During my initial conversation with xcercise 4 less they were not yet open. When they opened my wife visited and was dissatisfied and verbally stated that she was cancelling the membership. These events occurred within 3 months of each other. It is very hard to cancel something that does not exist. We had no membership agreement, no membership number, no membership card, nothing to signify membership. The only existing object was the direct debit which she cancelled. Furthermore if they are claiming I made a verbal contract with them over the phone how could I have made such a binding contract on behalf of my wife who was not present in the phone call.
  23. I've had the attached response from the OFT OFT-redact.pdf
  24. I've read that and it suggests sending a letter to those threatening to doorstep you. Do I do this or ignore it completely as you say Slick 123
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