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  1. I'm hoping I can get some advice on this. on Friday (22/06/12) I booked, and paid a deposit to Parkdean Holidays, for a Half Term week starting 27/10/12, deposit was £60, actually 2 deposits as there are 2 families going. Now, I should have done this before booking, but having looked at some reviews of the park on various sites, I have found quite a large number of negative reviews of the site (1 review site having 60 not so good reviews out of a total of 74!). Now, my question is, as I booked over the phone, am I covered by the 7 day cooling off period as per distance selling, and if so, would I be able to cancel the booking and get a refund of both deposits, or am I looking at losing some, or all of the deposits? The park is located in the UK, both families out of work at the moment, 1st holiday for many years so understandably, we'd like it to be a good one, and not a let down for the kids. So, in summary, can I use the Distance Selling 7 day cooling off, am I likely to lose anything, or should I just put up and shut up, lesson learned for next time.... Over to you...
  2. kregrs

    DVLA Medical section.

    Well done, you must have been given the express service! I, on the other hand, am still waiting, although I have made some progress. I had an exercise ECG last week, although I thoroughly expect the DVLA to contradict their own guidelines and refuse to accept the result as I had taken my daily dose of a Beta Blocker before the test, as allowed by them if taken for anti arrythmia reasons, but it being a drug that is required to be stopped before taking the test. They are also asking my Consultant to become Mystic Meg and predict the likelihood of another medical condition (Long QT Syndrome) causing any problems in the future. For the record I am assympotmatic bar it showing up on ECG, although it is managed. One question, who is it that sits on their medical board? Its just, that after speaking to my Consultant, and after him explaining that was the question the DVLA want an answer to, he said that even though, in his view, I am unlikely to have any future problems, the decicion ultimately is made by the medical board and they can disagree with his decision.
  3. I don't have the number to hand, but when I called SPML, the company I actually spoke to were called Ascendon, if thats any help?
  4. kregrs

    DVLA Medical section.

    You may be in for a long wait.... I sent my licence off for LGV Provisional to be added last June, then had a heart attack a day later. Due to this, I've been waiting since June (nearly 10 months) for the DVLA to process the application. It seems, when requiring information from consultants and GP's, they are unable to contact them all at the same time, instead preferring to contact them 1 at a time, with a few weeks wait in between while they claim your file is in the queue to be assessed by the medical officer. Of course, you can complain, and they'll reply to your 1st complaint with assurances that they're investigating your complaint and aim to resolve the issue as soon as possible, and that your case has been marked as urgent and will be looked at as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it's all a smoke screen and nothing will happen. So, you can make a 2nd, 3rd and maybe even 4th complaint, but you're unlikely to hear anything in relation to them until you manage to track down that rare breed, a Manager, who will repeat everything they used as a reply to your initial complaint, but alas, still won't do anything, instead hiding behind the excuse of 'we're waiting to hear back from your consultant/GP, please try again in a few weeks'. The above may happen, I cant say for sure, but its been my experience of the DVLA over the last 10 months.
  5. Managed to find phone numbers, and rang them, now have account numbers ready for sending them a SAR.
  6. Profiles and DLC - Profiles can be downloaded again from XBOX Live, assuming they've been used to access online, and DLC should be saved somewhere within the profile so could be downloaded again at no extra cost.
  7. Does anyone have any email addresses for SPML, Kensington and Igroup? I'm attempting to obtain some old account numbers, so would like to email them, but have had no luck whatsoever searching the net, although I have found postal addresses. So, can anyone help? Thanks
  8. Having googled them again, along with the phone number, google lists Clear Associates as being an Accounting and book keeping consultancy based in Slough, although the number I was called from is a Kettering number, starts 01536.
  9. I'm afraid I got the name wrong, it's actually Clear Associates, just checked a voicemail message they left me.
  10. Are they a debt colector? I had a phone call from them earlier, claiming to have some mail for me from an old address, and asking for my current address. I haven't given them my details, they claimed they were a mail forwarding company, when pressed for more details they started asking the data protection questions, so I terminated the call and googled them. From the few posts on google it seems they are a debt collector, but thought I'd ask on here anyway.
  11. Round these parts, in the local supermarket car parks, it seems it's the norm for the disabled drivers to park in the parent and child spaces when the disabled spaces are all taken. But as others have said, as nothing seems enforceable in these car parks, I have no qualms about taking a disabled bay when the parent and child bays are taken by the disabled brigade, only when I have my 2yr old son in the car. Failing that, parking across 2 bays is another option.
  12. kregrs

    Out Of Hours service

    Yes, been confirmed they have the right address
  13. Having had a quick scan through this thread, what are the chances of getting access to some family members records. Both members, my mother and my brother, are dead, my mother died 28yrs ago and my brother 35yrs ago. I know some of their records still exist, as last year I had some genetic testing done for a heart condition, and as it is likely my mum and brother both had the condition, there was mention of, and the results of, tests they both had done many years ago, in my mum's case, 1969. So, would their records still exist, or just parts of it, and can I access them?
  14. Maybe someone can answer a question for me. Like most areas, our out of hours Doctor service is carried out by a private company, in this case Harmoni. Now, the question I have is, who is responsible for the data they hold on patients? What I mean is, at my Doctors surgery, they have all my details, address, contact numbers etc, and should I need to ring the out of hours service, they too have my details which should generally match those held by my GP surgery. Whose responsibility is it to ensure those deatils are correct? The reason I ask is, back in June I had a heart attack, at the weekend. We rang the out of hours service, where, after explaining to the Dr how I was feeling, he dealt with arranging for an Ambulance to attend. But, after nearly 15 mins, we had a phone call from the Ambulance service asking for our address, as the address given to them was empty, they'd been sent to my previous address. It had been nearly 6 months since we moved, and had informed my GP surgery of the new address. I'm just curious as to whose mistake it was, as it struck me afterwards, if I had been in a more serious condition (I was up, mobile and walking around, and had at first thought I had indigestion and it was a load of fuss for nothing) that delay could have had totally different consequences.
  15. Having worked for Yodel in the past, when they were HDNL, its true a lot of the drivers are owner drivers, but they still use the Yodel handheld scanners....
  16. Is it possible to have information removed from a search engine? Either by the search engine or whoever it was that posted the article? Having googled my name, I found an newspaper article about me that is now out of date, and jsut wanted to know if it's possible to have it removed?
  17. Was having a look at the Q & A's on Welcome/FSCS and came across this... "Under the FSCS rules claimants will be entitled to 90% of the value of their claim. Amounts of compensation payable will be first set off against any outstanding loan balances you may owe to WFSL, which could mean that we will not send you your compensation." I've got some outstanding car finance with Welcome, nothing to do with the PPI claim, will my refund be paid to this a/c? I'd been told that it wouldn't, but now I'm not so sure. Can anyone clarify? Thanks
  18. Also, having just had a quick look at some Q & A's re FSCS, I came across this... "Under the FSCS rules claimants will be entitled to 90% of the value of their claim. Amounts of compensation payable will be first set off against any outstanding loan balances you may owe to WFSL, which could mean that we will not send you your compensation." Now, as I have outstanding car finance with Welcome, will my PPI refund be paid to that a/c? I was under the impression it wouldn't but am now not so sure, can anyone clear it up?
  19. Well, after not hearing anything for ages, I thought I'd give them a ring to see how things are progressing. So I ring Compliance, get put through to the right dept, who give me a ref number and a different phone number. So I then ring this new number, give them the ref number, and hit a stumbling block straight away. I had to go through the previous 3 addresses I've lived at, before they found the one they have on their records, this is all despite having written to, and received replies from, Welcome all the addresses mentioned, so why they have an old address on file is beyond me. Then they say they can't change the address over the phone, and they have absolutely no record of my PPI claim that Welcome claim to have passed on to them. But, they have apparently written to me in the past few months about reclaiming the PPI, alas they sent it to the old address. So now I have to write to them, provide proof of new address and start the claim all over again.....
  20. kregrs

    DVLA Medical Dept.

    Back in June, I had a medical for LGV Provisional, medical was on the 1st, form sent off on the 3rd. On the 4th, I had a heart attack, and on leaving hospital some 6 weeks later I rang the DVLA to request the progress on my application, and to notify them of what had happened. The person I spoke to told me my application hadn't even been looked at yet, and because of the heart attack, the application would be suspended for 3 months from the date it happened, but because it had been 6 weeks since, I was effectively halfway through the suspension. No problems with that, was just happy they hadn't suspended my car licence. Anyway, fast forward to few weeks ago, I had a phone call asking for the details of the consultant whose care I was under, details I'd already given them on the forms they sent me. So, Friday (21st Oct) I ring them to see what the score is, to be told that they have heard back from the consultant, but they wont be looking at my case for at least another 2 weeks, due to their workload. Now, when / if, they look into then, they will have had my licence for 6 months (they wont issue a counterpart and card until a decision has been made), would it be unreasonable for me to ask them to pull their finger out and hurry up? And who would \i make such a request to? So far it seems, if I even dare to mention such a thing to the staff on the phone, they tell me they have such a massive workload etc etc, but surely 6 months is a bit excessive? I possibly have the opportunity for some funding for an LGV course ( I was laid off 3 weeks prior to the heart attack ) but without a licence, or an answer from the DVLA, the opportunity is slowly slipping away. I know I will most likely need to have an exercise test ( due to the fact I had a triple bypass, not good at 34yrs old! ) prior to them making a decision, and it will add even more time to the application, but surely 6 months so far is unreasonable? At the rate they are working, I'll be lucky to get my licence back this side of Christmas. So, is it worth complaining? And if so, who to?
  21. Does anyone have, or can point me in the direction of some addresses, for Igroup, SPL and Kensington. And is it still the case that I can try and claim back unfair charges etc from those 3 companies? Thanks,
  22. I had a similar problem last year, bailiff turned up demanding payment, threatened to clamp car etc, I logged on to the council website, entered the pcn number and paid the fine. I did have a call from the council regarding the payment, but like they said, they'd received payment and any other charges outstanding would be due to the bailiff and down to them to chase payment. Incidently, have heard nothing from the bailiff since.
  23. Another letter arrived the other day, saying Welcome in default, FSCS dealing with it now. Do I need to contact the FSCS or will they just take it over from Welcome?
  24. Had another reply from Welcome today, they are looking into my complaint for PPI and may take upto 8 weeks to deal with it. Standard reply?
  25. There wasn't a broker involved when I took out the loan, I applied at the local office, it was all handled there so no broker was involved. But, with the car finance I have, I received a couple of bits of paper with a SAR, that related to commission and Welcome Elite Brokers, how much commission was paid etc.
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