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  1. I'm currently working for an employment agency, as a Class 2 (Cat C) driver. I've been on an ongoing placement for the last 8 weeks, and a couple of weeks ago requested a day off, thinking that I'd accrued at least a day's holiday by then. When I asked if I was going to be paid for my day off, I was told if you're not working, you're not not earning, so no holiday pay, I am PAYE not self employed or paid via an umbrella company. Having discussed this with a colleague who also works for the same agency, (he is on the same placement as me, but has been there 11 weeks) it turns out this seems to be common practice with this agency, which I understand to be illegal. Having pondered this for a few days, I rang another branch of the agency, and posed the question of holiday pay, to which the chap who answered the phone became very defensive and refused to discuss it with me. I hadn't disclosed to him who I was, or what branch I work for, but he wanted to know who I was, why I needed to know and refused to discuss 'sensitive company policy' with me, then put the phone down. My colleague has spoken to the CAB, and has drafted a letter to the agency, so here comes the question.... Can someone tell me how I find out who the directors are of the company, so we can bring them into the equation, as we both feel we won't get anywhere if we just send the letter in to the branch we work for. The company name is Reliance Employment, just in case anyone might already have, or know the information we're after. Thanks in advance, KregRS
  2. kregrs

    Dvla medical

    From my own experience of the DVLA medical department, its a routine part of their enquiries. It took them over a year to deal with my HGV application, and at times they can drive you mad with their requests etc. Just hang in there, bear with it and keep in contact with them.
  3. Thank you Slick, I've asked that they credit me this months membership to start with, as a goodwill gesture, I honestly haven't got a clue what I'll be charged by the bank yet, as I haven't had a bounced dd for ages.
  4. Thank you for the advice. To be honest, I don't want to cancel, as the monthly fee seems to be the cheapest around, I know its a basic, no frills membership, but it doesn't come with things I won't use, just use of the gym and equiptment. I've emailed them on the address they emailed me from to notify me payment had bounced (nice to see they can let me know its bounced, but not to inform me they were changing the date), so I'll give it a few days. The same thing happened to a friend a few weeks ago, but they were talked into starting another membership by Klick.
  5. Back in February, me and my partner signed up to Klick fitness, at a cost of £12.99 a month each. The direct has been collected on the 15th of each month, until this month, when they went for the payment on the 1st of the month. As I wasn't expecting this, both payments bounced, so causing me to pick up a couple of charges on my account. I've had an email from Klick, informing me that payment has bounced, and that membership is now suspended, and I've replied stating the above facts, although this is the only contact details I have for them, despite searching the net, no contact numbers and the staff at the gym just refer you to the website, so does anyone have any other contact details for them? I've asked for an explanation of why the payment was attempted to be taken 2 weeks early, and why I wasn't informed of this change of payment date. I've also asked, as a gesture of goodwill, owing to what seems to be their mistake and the fact I've now picked up some bank charges due to it, that they credit both Klick accounts with this months payment. So, is this a reasonable request, under the circumstances? And if they refuse, what would be my next course of action?
  6. As he was caught on camera, ie, the guard noticed him via camera, then if it is blurred, surely that in itself would cause a problem? As in, he wouldn't be able to accurately identify my stepson and distinquish him from his friends, who had also been shoplifting but weren't caught. A request was made, to the manager and security guard, which was refused.
  7. A couple of hours ago, we had a phone call to say my partners son (age 13) had been caught shoplifting, and could my partner attend the store. So off she went, he had supposedly been caught on camera, with a group of friends who hadn't been detained. My partner asked to see the footage, but this was refused, on the basis that the Police hadn't been called so she had no right to see it. To cut the story short, he's been banned from the store (Co Op). What we want to know, are we entitled to see the footage? And should the security guard have taken my stepsons phone, which he then used to call my partner? I accept what my stepson done was wrong, but those 2 points seem a little 'iffy' to me. Thanks,
  8. My partner purchased an item from Sports Direct yesterday. Got them home and found they were too short (jogging bottoms) and returned to store to sort out today. She couldn't find another pair so asked for a refund, receipt present paid with cash originally, to be told they wouldn't issue a cash refund, instead she would be given a gift card to use in store. So the question is, does she have to accept the giftcard, or can she insist on a cash refund. She has no wish to purchase anything else from the store so a gift card is useless to her, besides she feels that they are holding her to ransom by issuing the card, effectively meaning she has to spend the money in store, along with the fact they stated she would only have a limited time to use the card, x amount of days. The sum in question is only £9, if they can't make her accept the card as a refund, what does she need to say to them, etc. Thanks for any help,
  9. Ok, so the fact the loan was issued by someone we haven't seen is fine then? We've always dealt with his wife, never seen him.
  10. I'm on my second provident loan, as is my partner. On both of our repayment books there is no % rate for both loans, this has been left blank. Should this have been filled out? Secondly, our agent is a young lady, whose husband is also an agent, both sharing the first initial 'S'. The name of the agent on the front of the book is of the husband, even though neither of us has seen him, despite this being the agent who is supposed to have issued the loans. Is this just a harmless clerical error, or is something not right? Lastly, on checking my statement, the majority of payments there is a difference of 2 or 3 days between date of collection in the book, and the date on the statement. But on a few of the payments the date differs by 10 or so days. Now, I understand there will be a delay in the info reaching wherever, but a week and a half? Incidentally, we make our payments fortnightly. Anything to be concerned about with the above? Thanks,
  11. I tried asking my insurance broker for a breakdown of one of their fees, and they refused, instead fobbing me off with 'its in the t&c's', and threatened to cancel my insurance if I didn't pay their fee.
  12. Is there any way to remove a search engine result/listing? The reason I ask is, having just googled my name, the first result/link is a newspaper article from 9yrs ago, which relates to a court case I was involved in, and is no longer relevant to myself or my character, and obviously should a prospective employer etc search for me, it shows me in a bad light. Without going into too much detail, it was a case brought against me for animal neglect, and relates to a not very good time in my life, depression.
  13. Having today checked my credit report, there is no mention of any Welcome debt, no defaults, nothing. So the car was taken off the HPI register, and now the debt has disappeared as well, not that I'm complaining, but what are they up to?
  14. I have some issues relating to a council tax debt from 4yrs ago. I was illegally evicted from the property on 18th April 2008, and subsequently moved to a different property. A few months ago I started receiving letters from a debt collector about some unpaid council tax on the property, to the tune of £900. The council in question have a liability order for that amount, having been told by the landlord that I was still resident in the property until 1/2009. I've been able to get some proof that I was living elsewhere dated 10/2008, and am working on getting more proof to show I did leave the property in the April, and the council have agreed to reduce the amount owed once proof has been shown. So, this liability order, does it need to be changed? And if so, how? The first I knew about it was when the debt collector letters started arriving, any correspondance, including letters from the council, had been sent to the propery I was evicted from, so I didn't receive them, but if all goes to plan and I can prove I left the property on 18th April 2008, then my liability drops considerably.
  15. On another note, the car has been repaired, and we as a family could really do with having it back. The car they loaned us, a 2dr SAAB 9 3, isn't really suited to family duties, (4 kids) and is costing a fair bit to run, so can we get the car back, they've already agreed we can pay in installments, then dispute the amount etc afterwards?
  16. Unfortunately I can't find the receipt I got with the car, although I can't remember reading anything about a mileage limit. Its not a warranty I paid for, just the usual 3 months most used car dealers give with a car.
  17. I have another thread relating to my car and some issues, I'm looking for some opinions on another issue. Last week, 12/11/12, the vehicle lost all drive, diagnosed as the driveshaft (nearside) stripping it splines at gearbox end. I had the car recovered back to the sales centre I purchased the car from 2 months ago, and tried using soga to get the vehicle repaired. The vehicle is 2001 51 reg and has covered 130k miles, was bought on 12/09/12 for £2500, having covered at time of purchase 127k miles. I had initially returned the vehicle for repair under the 3 month warranty given by the sales centre, which was immediately refused due to a supposed 2k mileage limit, which is when I tried the soga route. This was countered by the sales centre as the fault fell under fair wear and tear. The sales centre agreed to send the car to a local specialist for further diagnosis, which confirmed the RAC roadside diagnosis of driveshaft stripped its splines. Whilst at the garage, there seems to have been a breakdown of communication between themselves and the sales centre, as they have gone ahead and repaired the vehicle at a cost of £435 plus vat. The sales centre are still refusing to repair under soga, fault occured within 6 months so deemed to have been present at time of purchase, but have offered to go 50/50 on the repair costs. So who is right? Could a driveshaft failing like that be classed as fair wear and tear? There was no indication prior to the vehicle breaking down that anything was amiss. Should I just accept the offer of part payment? I accept the vehicles mileage is high, and that the it is 11yrs old, and I don't expect it to be 100% perfect. I have looked online and can find a few instances on forums of driveshaft issues like mine, but nothing to suggest it is a wear and tear issue. Am I being unreasonable in expecting the sales centre to repair the car under soga? The car does have other issues which are being addressed, but this is the one that is most pressing. So over to you, opinions please on what I can expect, am I being unreasonable, or should I just accept the part payment offer? Thanks in advance,
  18. So now we have a development. I called the trader today to find out where the car is as I needed some things out of it. During the conversation he offered to split the repair cost 50/50, or I could accept a refund and return of my part ex, or he could supply an exchange vehicle. He also told me that no work had been carried out on the vehicle as yet, but would inform me of what the state of play is. So, I get to the workshop, get my things from the car and casually asked if they'd diagnosed the fault yet. I was told that the fault is definitely the driveshaft splines, that the parts had been ordered and they were awaiting delivery. He also stated that in his opinion it is wear and tear. Back to the car trader, who had said that if it was a wear and tear item, they wouldn't be liable for the cost, despite the timeframe of me purchasing the car and the part failing. I understand their 50/50 offer to be a goodwill gesture, but could it seen as an admission of liability as they've since made the other 2 choices available? The offer of a refund is not an option I want to take, not only because I would (fairly) lose money, but also because I do not want my trade in back, it was traded in with MOT and tax which have both now lapsed. I also am happy with my current car, despite the issues, I just want it sorted. So what are peoples opinions?
  19. Kiki, sorry for being flippant in my other post, it wasn't a good day when I replied, having car give up and having failed my LGV driving test that morning. A rental car would have been nice, but unfortunately our budget wouldn't stretch to that.
  20. Sailor Sam, having spoken to CAB's consumer line earlier, I was advised to speak personally with the dealer first, and to put it in writing afterwards. The reason being they have the car back with them, and it has been moved to another workshop so the driveshaft/gearbox can be stripped to assess the damage. I was advised along the lines that as the fault has occurred within 6 months of purchase it could be deemed to have been present at time of purchase. As a comeback to this, the company have done the same (contacted consumer line) and are claiming fair wear and tear. On pushing them they have agreed to have the car inspected by an 'expert' to decide if the fault could have been present. If it is they'll pay for repairs, otherwise they want me to pay. I asked who the expert would be, apparently the local main dealer or a gearbox specialist. I'm curious to know how they'll know if the fault was present at time of sale, and if the expert will be impartial and unbiased. The other issues, they have agreed to rectify them once this issue is sorted.
  21. Yes the advice was taken on board, and agreement was made to repair the car, although the work is still outstanding. And Kiki, since when has Wales been abroad? Not that it matters but the holiday was booked and paid for before I got the car. The holiday was mentioned as that contributed to raising my mileage covered significantly. Nice pointless post, thanks. As an aside, the coolant issue wasn't headgasket related, but a gasket on the side of the block, which had become mishapen and was leaking. I do not want to reject the car, so will not be taking that course of action.
  22. Right, the above issues have still to be solved by the company I bought the car from, but another issue has arisen. Halfway across a roundabout today, the car lost all drive, followed by a grinding noise. The RAC have diagnosed this as being the driveshaft has failed, and possible gearbox damage. On speaking to the car sales company, they're refusing to deal with the issue under warranty, using the mileage as a get out, by saying that as the vehicle has covered more than 2000 miles since I purchased it (had it 2 months, and its taken us on holiday around Wales in last week, as well as usual commuting, shopping etc) they won't cover the repair. I have no recollection of any mention of a mileage limit, and can't remember seeing any mention of it on the receipt, which I can't find. So what can I do? At the moment I'm left with a car I can't use, I'm about to have it recovered back to the car sales company, but what can I expect them to do? Surely a repair isn't too unreasonable?
  23. I moved to a friends, I was staying on his sofa, for 6 weeks, then I moved into a bedsit at the beginning of June. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the landlord of the bedsit, I was working at the time so no involvement with the DWP. If I can use absolutely anything as proof, I changed the address on my licence at some point in July or August, along with applying for my digital tachograph card so hopefully the lovely people at the DVLA could provide some proof?
  24. No, I have nothing, there was no letting agent involved, I rented direct from the landlord, he evicted on the back of a previous notice which had been settled 4 months previous. I'm hoping the police may still have a record of the events, otherwise I'm at a loss as to how I prove I wasn't resident when they say I was.
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