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  1. Good old Tesco! 10 yrs ago they built our Bury St Edmunds store, apparently part of the deal was if they built the store then they would have to create a footpath from one of the town car parks to the store, roughly qtr mile. We're still waiting...... Then they took over the one stop on my estate, and decided we didn't need a post office anymore, which was in branch, and that a bakery would be much more beneficial. They ended up having to pay for the p.o to be relocated to the community centre.
  2. From my experience the Job Centre Plus are completely useless. My partner and I both had to make a claim for JSA, both spent 45mins on phone giving details for seperate claims, only to be told at our interviews that we couldn't have seperate claims and all paperwork would need to be done again. Then last week I had to change my part of our joint claim to Incapacity Benefit, was told my partner would be switched to a single claim only to find out this week that they have closed my partners claim, without informing her! and that in order for her to be paid any benefit she would need to piggyback on my IB claim for income support. In the few months we have been claiming we have had numerous problems with payments, the worst being my partners part of our joint claim being suspended for 5 weeks over xmas as they claimed she hadn't given them any details about a query they had, only for them to 'find' the missing paperwork after xmas. We received no apology, were told we weren't entitled to any social fund payments during the 5 weeks so over xmas we £57 to live on, between 2 of us.
  3. How do you stand with Prov if the agent simply doesn't turn up to collect payment? My partner has a Prov loan,haven't seen her agent for at least 2 months yet they (Prov) ring up at least every fortnight to ask why payments aren't being made,and won't accept that their agent hasn't been to collect!
  4. Bit of a long story, but in june 2006 I moved house, had been at my previous address for 7yrs, paying for my electricity by credit meter. Last month I had a letter from Powergen regarding the supply at my old address, claiming I owed them £619 for elec, spoke to them and explaimed I had credit meter at that address and they claimed it was for price rises that hadn't been applied to my account over the 7yrs. The conversation ended with them promising to review the amount and see what they could do. I didn't hear anything, and didn't chase it up and this morning receive a letter from Robinson way & co demanding the £619. What do I do? As far as I'm concerned, and like I told Powergen, I'm not liable for the charges as I could not change the price I paid for elec myself, its not like I could open the meter and change the price charged, thats a job for their staff and they haven't bothered (meter was outside on wall so cant claim they couldn't get access) I don't recall receiving any correspondance from Powergen about the matter and to be chasing me for it nearly 9 months after I moved is a joke. What do I say to RWC?
  5. Don't know if this belongs in here, but I have a Halifax Savings acc, and have noticed, despite being told it is a no-no, I can set dd's up on the acc, and even better, should they not be paid, I don't get charged. Halifax are adamant that I can't have dd's on this acc, but no one has yet cancelled them, and it has been like this for the past 3yrs! Just thought I'd tell everyone, after reading how we're being screwed left, right and centre by banks, and the unfair charges.
  6. Sorry for the late reply, companies are - Igroup, SPML and Kensington.
  7. Does anyone know if you can claim back the charges from a mortgage company for missed payments etc?
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