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  1. How do i complain about this? do i let BDR know?
  2. Hi, What marlin have done now is sent a letter from a company called Bramber debt recovery which is a trading name of marlen. I sent the same request letter to them, how ever this time they managed to produce a signed credit aggreement! i guess they did this to buy they time by switching companies. what shall i do now, the credit agreement was signed in aug 2001 i didn't send a letter to them until Jan 2008 requesting a copy of the cca. Please help. Thanks
  3. hi, Its been a long time but..................... Marlin never got back to me at all last year but I received a letter from a company called BDR (bramber Debt Recovery) who r a trading style of Marlin Financial services (that whats at the footer of the letter). So what i did was request the CCA which they sent back with in the time frame. What should i do now??? this debt is well over 6 years old and i thought that they could do nothing if it was that old and i hadn't made any contact with them. Someone please help. Thanks
  4. Hi all, thier time is well and truely up. What should i sent them now?
  5. Thansk for that both of you. The time limit is up so ill wait a bit. Who are the LBA???
  6. i, eventully sent them a letter back with a copy of a tax letter showing that i do live at this address and they sent a reply "We acknowledge receipt of you letter, We can understand your reluctance to send us a copy of you signature" and then go on to say that to bring the case to a close we need to have a copy of the signature. what shall i do now???? the 12 day is well up and so is the 30 days so wah tnext???
  7. received the post very late today, and received a letter from them. I sent a letter telling them that they didn't need a signature from me. their reply was " Before we can procedd your request, we do, for data protection purposes require proof of your identity and signature" what now??? do i just sent proof of who i am a no signture.
  8. Thanks for that, sorry about previous msg, writing in the wrong web pge
  9. Hi all, i sent a cca request to marlin for a debt that was with GMAC, which is about 6 yrs old, i hsve received a letter back today askin: "In order to prcess your request, we require proof of your signature, for example photocopy of your driving licence" What should i do now, sit on it and wait for the 12 days and 30 days to pass? Im confused as i have never had a reply like this before.
  10. Hi all, i sent a cca request to marlin on the 21/1/08 for a debt that is about 6 years old i think (its my partners) they replied back today asking: Marlin bought the debt of gmac. "In order to process your request, we require proof of your signature, for example, photocopy of your driving license. Please foward this evidence to out office" I'm not going to sent this as they shouldn't need a copy of the signature, should i just sit on it until the 12 days plus 30 days is up? I have only done one cca request before and won, but thay never asked for this info??? Confused please help.
  11. I have sent a letter to capital one claiming back charges for the last 6yrs which totaled £616 and they have credited my account £196 and have sent a letter saying that they have done so in good faith and that they have redueced the fees to £12 thats why the refund is only £196 and not £616. but for the first four years of my account the charges were £25 and £20. They have also added an extra £10 as acknowledgement of interest that I may have incurred which in fact is a lot more but i didn't actully claim for those charges. What should i do now.
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