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  1. Thanks for the reply and the link. The car was paid by bank transfer so there’s no finance company to speak of. In the link it states... /////// 8 Whether or not the consumer has a duty to return the rejected goods, the trader must bear any reasonable costs of returning them, other than any costs incurred by the consumer in returning the goods in person to the place where the consumer took physical possession of them. /////// This is exactly as I understood it but I can’t see any reference to where in the regulatio
  2. Hi, Looking for some advice and info on our rights if possible please. We purchased a car last week from a branch of Evans Halshaw https://www.evanshalshaw.com/ . It’s a 3 year old Kia with 17K miles on the clock and cost £6707. We did this as a distance sale without viewing the car or visiting the dealer. The dealer is quite a distance away from us. We responded to an Autotrader advert and did the transaction over the phone and by email. We asked lots of questions about the condition of the car and the dealer sent images etc. The only problem that the dea
  3. Brennan's Valiant Fight Against NatWest - 22/05/2007 "It's been a mammoth battle. Weapons used by the parties include the Office of Fair Trading's upcoming report into charges, some House of Lords rulings, a case regarding the supply of oil to Southern Rhodesia, European Directives, Austrian legislation, the Brussels Convention, the Treaty of Rome and even the Geneva Convention." Eh? I hope thats a Joke. That forgot to put in: The Intergalactic Treaty from StarWars Episode ii; The statement made by Jo (24) from Doncaster on page 3 of The Sun; The Bible [Luke 12:15]; and not to mentio
  4. Hi Zoot and thanks for the response. I was under the impression that as per the CAG announcement, pre-6 year claims should now be seen as "standard" claims. Are CAG retracting from this position now? I saw that you recommend including pre-6 year arguments in the POC (If that's what's being claimed). But I can't find any "official" or even "semi-official" CAG wording. Does some exist? I only ask because if these are standard claims then surely there should be some standard wording/info? Thanks.
  5. I've asked that a couple of times but no one seems to want to answer. I've also asked if I should put the pre-6 year argument in my POC but again no one seems to want to answer that either. Its a bit hard to feel confident about pre-6 year claims when no support is forthcoming. :-|
  6. Hi, I don't know what a directional hearing is maybe someone else could help you there? Or you could give the court a quick ring and ask. If its what you think it is, I would try to reason with the Judge by saying your friend is a litigant in person with no legal representation and that your impression is the SCT was designed for situations like yours i.e. To put both parties on an even footing. You could say that the potential financial lose due to the way costs may be awarded in the fast track would be too much for your friend to bare but insignificant for the bank. That might
  7. Thanks CJ. If I do decide to send an amended LBA do I have to give them a further 14 days to comply? Also, should I mention in the LBA that I've removed the pre-6 years charges or should I just send the standard LBA with the amended figures? If I wait a further 14-16 days for the new LBA deadline, will it matter that by the time I get to court claim stage more of the charges will be older than 6 years? Sorry lots of questions. Cheers.
  8. Thanks Stornoway and ChloeJane, that has answered a couple of questions but not all of them. Claim is for £2700 (6 year charges=£2000, pre-6 year=£120, overdraft interest=£580). The bank have offered the £2000 but have refused the pre-6 year and OD interest. LBA deadline expired last week. I am in 3 minds as to whether to accept the £2000 and run, reduce the claim to just 6 years with OD interest or hold out for the whole lot. I must admit I'm starting to lean towards taking the money and running. I thought the 6 years counted back from the date of filing the court cl
  9. Not meaning this to come across wrong (and I note the use of the word personally) but is this the official CAG line? If it should be included, can someone point me to some pre-6 year wording for the POC please? Thanks guys.
  10. Hello, I have a couple of questions, please feel free to swear at me whilst pointing me somewhere else if they've been asked before: 1) If some of my claim is pre-6 years should I mention this and my reasoning in my POC and subsequent AQ? I have read that if the bank don't bring it up then you shouldn't either? My problem is the bank have already brought it up in their response to my prelim. 2) If you are meant to include it in your POC can someone point me to some amended wording? 3) I read a while ago that the FAQ section was just about to be updated with pre-6 year info. Is t
  11. If you're still able to reply, just out of interest and for the sake of noseyness, what are your reasons?
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