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  1. Crikey so you had to wait the full 6weeks+ Guess theres nothing else I can do
  2. As title says I won my IB appeal 11th June after waiting 6 months for my appeal date.I know its only just over 3 weeks but Ive not heard a thing from benefits office since apart from a letter asking me if I had claimed anything else while waiting for my appeal, which I sent back the same day i received it 10+ days ago . I have rang the benefits office 2-3 times to be told untill my letter gets into the 'SYSTEM' I have to wait and after they receive it it takes another 6 weeks to process it 7 months of no money Im pretty desperate now is there anything I can do to hurry them on.Baby due in 8
  3. Thanks for replying no we have not moved.I'm not reluctant to ring them at all i'm just annoyed the last we heard from HFO was in November when I asked them to stop telephoning and harrassing me. Its actually my partners debt but HFO was kind enough to tell me about it all over the phone and threaten the CHARGE on my property, wish now i'd kept a note of all the calls and letters from them even down to the "We have tried to deliver a parcel at your address and no-one was home please call for re delivery" trick
  4. Thanks for the reply would you think phoning the court be best or sending a letter??
  5. I'm wondering if someone can help me please I have received a Judgement for Claimant (in default) notice saying I have not replied to the claim form and im ordered to pay the claimant HFO SERVICES £6,446.67 (barclaycard)for debt including interest!!.Ive not recieved a claim form or I would of filled it in is there anything I can do? Ive 28 days from the 4th of July to pay
  6. Hahaha ty for the replies much appreciated
  7. I sent my 1st letter requesting bank statement off to Barclays on the 3rd of March I think I have been very patient up till now as it is the 1st of May and Ive heard nothing back what so ever I'm just wondering what to do next.Hope someone can help or advise me...:? Thank You
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