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  1. thanks so much that's really encouraged me! i know i've got a long way to go yet so i'm sure i will post many more wearisome questions. Thanks for your advice:)
  2. i am very new to all this forum malarkey so please bear with me:!: Have recently sent my 1st letter to Barclays requesting my bank statement info along with my £10 chq. They have returned the chq and have said they will send info to me although may take longer as pre 2000 is stored manually (will write back explaining if they read my letter properly they would see that i am claiming last 6 yrs only!) What i would like help on is they have also said that in response to the paragraph in my letter that they disclose any manual interventions that have taken place on my acct, that they cannot do this as it falls out of the remit of the DPA because the DPA does not oblige the Bank to comment about internal policies and proceedures" It also says it does not hold the info in a form that would be covered by DPA "Whilst aggregated information is retained for statistical purposes, this would not constitute 'personal data' under the DPA and therefore would not be covered by a s7DPA subject access request. Now am i right in thinking that this is just a load of guff?! If the manual intervention is about my acct then surely that is personal data and not about inernal policies and proceedures? Can i tell them it is personal data and that they have a duty to disclose it and is necesary that they do or can i get on claiming without this info? I would be very grateful for any advice on this as i have only just started and am already feeling intimidated by Barclays!
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