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  1. No legal attempt no. Mum said she was going bankrupt and was told nothing would happen with the house, but nothing in writing. Still in joint names but no arrears, dad's been paying it. Dad is physically disabled by the fact he cannot function physically on his own, struggles to walk, cannot walk long distances etc. Mental capacity would need to be addressed but without care from family he would not be able to function.
  2. It say she possession order on the letter? 10/10/14 was the date of the bankruptcy. I know he does, as we saw the letter yesterday I thought I'd come on here to query. I'll review his home insurance and see if he has any legal cover. Thank you
  3. Sorry for the lack of information. Mother and father have been separated for 5 years, the bankruptcy was agreed 3 years ago. There was a letter sent in December 2016 that my father didn't respond to or tell us about, fundamentally because he wasn't well. My father is paying the mortgage and has been for 3 years.
  4. Hi guys Hoping this is in the correct place and someone can point me in the right direction. Some months ago my mum filed for bankruptcy and my dad received a letter saying that they're going to repossess the house as it is a joint mortgage. He has until 3rd August to reply. My dad is disabled, we've had the house adapted for him, rails, a lift installed from the living room to his bedroom, and him leaving the house is going to destroy him. If I had the money I would buy her out. But I haven't. Is there anything we can do? Any suggestions on who to talk to?
  5. Hi all. These boards have been invaluable over the years so I am hoping you can be again. I had some wonga loans a number of years ago, and recently decided to tackle them having come out the other end of struggling. In a short story I contacted wonga advising irresponsible lending etc. And wonga said they didn't blah blah blah. Contacted FOS and they have been back and forth with me. They have since advised that 4 or 10 loans should be paid back to me (circa £500), but that the other loans were fine. They ruled that due to the loans they have ruled in my favour includes top up loans, it evidenced that I couldn't afford these. However the other loans did not include top up loans and there is no basis that these were not affordable. I have argued this and advised that Wonga had and have no idea what was affordable or not as they never requested any income and expenditure details from me. I have sent statements to them which highlights that over a period of 10 months there was at least one loan per month, which it me indicates a clear problem in affordability. They have reviewed my statements and advised that even if wonga did affordability checks that my statement doesn't indicate any problems in paying them back. I have argued this again by highlighting that a loan was taken every month. They won't budge on this and have advised that is their final decision. They have offered for this to be moved to an ombudsman, is there any point in this? If I accept their offer to remove said loans from my credit file and have the funds paid back, am I legally allowed to take wonga to court for the other loans? The whole situation is so frustrating, I don't care about the money and would much rather they remove all marking and don't pay me a penny back. I know wonga took advantage of me at that time and hooked me into a spiral of loans and interest and charges etc. But I'm just not sure what else I can do.
  6. That's the overwhelming feeling we have. He was talking to go debt loudly making sure we could hear them, saying he doesn't do family law as he couldn't take someone's kids away, but he can take someone's house because that's all part of the game and it's water off a ducks back. Total tit to be honest. But he wins and he won today because we couldn't afford to get a solicitor ourselves, we have an overwhelming feeling that had we had access to a few grand, we'd have won today without an issue. In hindsight, had we known this type of thing happens regularly, we should've offered to make some payments.
  7. Apparently it is? She ruled in their favour mainly based on that and the FOS ruling. Their solicitor harried her, seemed to know more than her and basically told her the way it needed to go
  8. We needed a solicitor really to fight our case but we couldn't afford it and anywhere we did turn we were told that they don't do that kind of case. It was £500 to even have a proper solicitor even look at it. Came across that because we didn't know the law inside and out we don't get it
  9. Voluntary surrender doesn't have to be signed, the comment on the narrative that she made "just take it it'll save me money anyway" or words to that effect. The solicitor was really aggressive and was telling the judge the law, advising about cases in 1968, 1974, 1983 etc etc. Judge said that she can't go against it and as the FOS had ruled in their favour she can't see any other way other than to rule in their favour. Solicitor wanted 8% adding, judge told him to **** off and added 0.5% at a total of £16.
  10. Court date was today, judge rules in their favour. £4,900 final figure to pay by June.
  11. Not that we're aware of no? Never heard of it before until this pack came through.
  12. Thanks for the input everyone. We had to get everything sent off to the courts and go debts solicitors, so that's all be submitted. We received a folder this morning from Briggs solicitors with a of paperwork in there that gives a "trial bundle". They have submitted this on the 8th May and our court date is 19th may, didn't realis they could do this so late in the game? Anyone know what this is, or if we need to do anything? All getting nervous as we approach the day, both a little unsure on what we need to do, the process, what to expect etc!
  13. Ah damn; are you able to amend it at all mate, I am out at the moment? Alternatively I'll be home in a few hours and I'll have it done then
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