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  1. Folks, First post on this site so please bear with me On the 11/04/07 I recieved a call from Powergen asking me for a meter reading for Gas and Electric, I use Powergen for both and also the meter serial numbers. I gave them these and they stated that I was about £900 in credit. Great I thought. It was agreed that they would pay £600 into my bank account and leave the remainder as credit on the bill and also reduce my monthly payments from £181 per month to £76 per month. I then, stupidly having trust in them to be accurate and correct went and spent the £600 on a credit card over the weekend. I say stupicly as on Monday I recived an amended ill that says I still owe them £161. I contacted Powergen who admit it is their mistake they were totally wrong and offered me £20 compensation, I refused this and they then Offered me £60. They also told me that my DD should be £199 per month now!!! I am not looking for the £600 as I know I used the Gas but this is a major mess through their actions and I think I am due more than £60. Question is 'Am I being unreasonable in expecting more than £60' or is their offer reasonable! Any and all advice is very welcome
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