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  1. That's what fumed me so much! I can understand (ish!) them being evasive when they don't want to settle - but why when I've said I will? Aah well, it's a bigger claim now - all the better for me!
  2. Right, well I didn't think I'd be writing this, as I thought I'd got it sorted, but here's what's happened so far: 21st March - Sent original letter, outlining charges 29th March - Received offer letter of £8 per charge, decided to accept as I have another larger claim to go through with my bank 2nd April - Faxed acceptence letter (as there was no settlement form in bank's letter) 16th April - Phoned to ask if they had received my fax, but told they have no record of it, so sent another letter by 1st class post, enclosing a copy of the fax. Today - Phoned again to check if they ha
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