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  1. I wasn't in the country at the time, i used the money from sale to see family abroad, when i came back and seen the notice i contacted them immediately and they kept referring to the 28days thing and that iam liable and would not entertain any other questions or explanations. The DVLA wont contact council directly and vice versa, even when i have proof that there information is wrong.
  2. does this mean i can take action on the DVLA for breach of data protection?
  3. As above i wasn't in the country during their 28 day appeals window and after that they are not interested.
  4. As above i wasn't in the country during their 28 day appeals window and after that they are not interested.
  5. I wasn't sure if MPs would be interested in debt or legal issues, sorry for the naivety regarding this situation
  6. Yup sent DCA and Council the documents, there response is that because i never appealed within 28 days then i'am liable for the debt i wasn't in the country during the appeal period so i was none the wiser.
  7. Its got to the point where the letter today says they have sent out sheriff officers to look for assets to be sold at auction (my car that i sold AUG 2014), they claim they are going to court to get access to my bank account. above all its the constant letters and phone calls i want to stop.. .. is there a template letter i could sent them that would be enough for them to realise that iam not been bullied into paying a debt thats not mine?
  8. Hello, at my wits end with this, i sold a car 18th AUG 2014 the new owner went into a bus lane in Glasgow city centre on 12th SEPT 2014. The council contacted DVLA one week after and they provided them with my details, because their system was still showing me as the registered keeper. For over a year now and i have been fighting Glasgow city council and stirling park(debt recovery) over this mistake, i have provided DVLA headed documents to show that i wasnt the registered keeper at the time of the contravention yet they STILL chasing me for the debt. They
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