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  1. flexi this has happening to me right now im going to take this all the way i will join you and help in this fight contact me as soon as you can and lets take these bastartds to court and show them their not better than us just because they are the dvla



    Any more news on this? how are you getting on with it? im currently going through this and i have been sent a D146 Form which requires you to fiil all your personal info again etc. Im really concerned as i cant find my original paper lincence which i have had since 1987!!! so DVLA cant trace it and i cant remember my driver number.


    I would be glad to hear from anybody on this.



  2. After 4 months of frustration anger etc, Lloyds have Not accepted fault but as a gesture of good will agreed to reimburse me £6,100 which is £900 short of my original request!


    Im still not satisfied and i will be writing to them to request for ALL my charges ASAP otherwise i will take them to court. I had to get the Ombudsman to intervene, so i guess will have to get them to negotiate first with Lloyds prior to court action.


    My only worry is that Lloyds might decide to close my account and as my credit is not brilliant i might find it hard to open another account with a cheque book and electron facility? any ideas?

  3. Lloyds have not responded to the Financial Ombudsman request to settle my query and i have now been allocated a case worker by the Ombudsman to negotiate with Lloyds direct BUT this can take up to 14 Weeks!!!! plus all the time i have already wasted. As my claim is £7K is it worth me waiting for the Ombudsman case worker to sort out with Lloyds or do i take them to court?? it wont be the small claim court due to the amount. Is there anybody out there with experience of going to court for claims over £5K??? please help im slowly getting defeated!

  4. thanks Dolly i think i will do. I have in the meantime contacted the Financial Ombudsman so not sure if i should wait for their response or go ahead anyway and file the cliam.

    Just file it, whether it is above £5k or not - you risk getting your second claim thrown out if you split it.


    Lloyds are very, very unlikely to go to court with it....they haven't done so yet.

  5. My charges Do Not include interest. I would be interested to hear from people that have had to split charges in order to keep the claim in the Small Claims Court


    im not aware of Lloyds actually carrying out there threat of defending a claim as of yet.


    re the claim being over 5k, is that just for the charges or does that include the interest? I have also seen others advised to break the claim down into 2 claims to keep them below the £5k

  6. I am stage 4 of the process, the bank has written back to say there charges are fair! i wrote back and advised them of court action, however im tempted to go to the Finanacial Ombudsman first before court as the amount of my claim is over the £5k (Small Claims court).


    Any ideas?? have Lloyds actually been to court yet?:-|

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