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  1. Because they deal with the sub prime market, people who probably can't get a car loan from their local bank, building society, or car dealership and have nowhere else to go. There have been various sites and user groups whom have tried to take them on, but a strongly worded letter from Carcraft's posh London solicitors soon puts paid to any dissent or legal action.
  2. As a former employee and member of the Executive Board at Carcraft, I can confirm the above about sub-prime finance, using companies such as Black Horse, First Direct, GE Capital and others. The software algorythm used to choose the finance package is based on maximum return to the company, not the best deal for the customer. Also, NAC is run out of a small office of their Newport site, they tend to refuse warranty claims on the grounds of "wear and tear" which of course is impossible to prove. I can recount the Warranty Manager, a guy called Les, refusing to honour a warranty claim for a
  3. Have received confirmation, and AOS signed by Kirsty Ann Ross. Another 28 day wait!!
  4. Ok quick update : completed MCOL.... Lancs Lad bites back!!!!
  5. Sorted, I've sent another SAR to their registered DPA address in Glasgow...
  6. Hi Gogivit, Fantastic, I'll send another SAR today! Did you send your request to your branch, or was it to the data guys in Leeds?
  7. And now just sent LBA2 after receiving the usual "get lost" letter and helpful(!) complaint leaflet..... Once I have this one settled I'm going back past the six years - there was one period about 8 years ago when I was made redundant and they took me to the cleaners.... Going to have a read on the forum and see what is the best / cheapest way of getting statements this far back.....
  8. Hi All, Ok received the additional statements yesterday and have sent a revised LBA with the new total of nearly £3K. The ball is rolling!
  9. Hi Sarah, Thanks for the advice, although it was too close to the deadline. UPDATE Received partial information this morning, statements from the last year only, with a poorly photocopied note that further information will follow, but no date - standard stuff....Boy they must be inundated. So I will show them the same consideration they showed me when I was made redundant - zero..... Sending a LBA today for the non-compliance of the SAR with a further 7 days to comply. Incidentally, the charges mount up to nearly £1000 for the period they supplied statements for, I ex
  10. No response from the Bank, not even an Acknowledgement letter. Its the 28th today and they only have until the 30th.......
  11. I would (will if given the chance!). If you made a late payment, do you think they would give you the same consideration? Not likely! Probably charge you on the spot.....Imagine sending them a letter saying something like "I am sorry I am unable to deposit my salary into my current account this month as I do not have the funds due to a high volume of outgoings. I will make the deposit as soon as possible, in ther meantime I thank you for your understanding". Imagine their response???? The reason they have such a high volume of requests is because their charges are so high! Oh the ir
  12. Update - £10 cheque cashed on the 28th of February but no acknowledgement received yet.....
  13. Hi All! Sent my charges information request on the 22nd of February so the waiting begins. Fortunately I have moved all of my banking to HSBC, so it doesn't matter if they close my account..... Roll on the 30th of March! LL.....
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