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  1. All I know is that they have my cash, and I have seen NOTHING for it. I never asked for them to take my case, and they are in administration. So, for the rest of us, we have been ripped off.
  2. I received the email this morning, March 31st at 9:19am. The cheeky sods at Ratio Money went into administration DAYS after my conversation with them.
  3. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to myself, I gave the Claims Warehouse my card details, and they then paid Ratio Money directly with my card. I had no knowledge of this at the time, as the Claims Warehouse were the supposed organisation I was transacting business with. "I have a bad feeling about this..."
  4. I just received this email: Dear MisterTBone, Thank you for your email which has been recorded with ref XXXXX. We became aware that Ratio Money went into administration on 25th March.In order to give appropriate advice I recommend you call us on 0845 450 6858 and give your reference number Regards Steve Dorning Claims Management Officer Claims Management Unit 57-60 High Street, Burton on Trent DE14 1JS 0845 450 6858 What makes it worse is that I originally signed up with THE CLAIMS WAREHOUSE, who in turn were using Ratio Money to do their legal work, etc.
  5. Thank you for your words of support! Mr. TB One (I pity the fool do don't get their charges back!)
  6. I WON! (Again!) Here's their letter: 19-Jun-2007 Dear Mr. TB One, Thank you for your recent correspondence. I am sorry that you have concerns regarding the charges that have been applied to your account. We explain all of our terms & conditions including our fees and charges at account opening and they form the basis of your agreement with us. Full details are available at any time on our website and in our branches, and updates are sent out regularly to our customers. For your convenience, I am enclosing our current terms and conditions (including fees and char
  7. Natwest have filed a DEFENSE! Should I be worried? Mr. TB One
  8. Natwest had until June 4th 2007 to acknowledge the claim. And, not surprisingly, they filed on the VERY LAST DAY... Typical. I'll be sending a letter to them stating that they shouldn't waste the courts time, and cc the judge who was in the press for chastising Natwest for doing so in the past. Wish me luck! MR. TB One
  9. Write a letter giving them 10 days to pay up, otherwise you will start with a Warrant action, involving the Bailiffs. They probably won't do anything, so get ready to issue a warrant. Mr. TB One
  10. I still have a personal, a business, two overdrafts, and a loan with Lloyds... and none of my accounts have been closed, etc... In my case, I would take them to task as everything is current with them on all of my accounts, and I would get a lawyer in if they tried anything like that. Mr. TB One
  11. I received my notice of issue this week. NatWest have until June 4th 2007 to reply. Let's see what they do next! Mister TB One
  12. MOST EXCELLENT! YOU ROCK! ...and I think you beat my record on when you got paid! I was 2 months and a day. CONGRATULATIONS! Mister TBOne!
  13. Thanks for your words of support. Consider the news with Lloyds yesterday, I think I got off lucky there. This was published yesterday, the day I filed against NatWest... DOH! Lloyds TSB has become the first bank to win a court case after being sued by a customer for imposing supposedly unfair overdraft penalty charges. District Judge Cooke, at Birmingham County Court, dismissed a claim for £2,545 from Kevin Berwick. Mr Berwick argued Lloyds TSB's charges for having an unauthorised overdraft were illegal contractual penalties. But Judge Cooke decided the bank
  14. Now, that I've won against Lloyds, Natwest is next on my list! I wrote to them two weeks ago, and I received a letter stating that they were looking into the matter. As the 14 days had elapsed, I started a claim against them. Claim no: 7QZ72541 Date: May 15 2007 Amount, including interest and filing fees: £2,374.64 Let's see if we can do it again! Mr. TB One
  15. I'd like to thank you all for your well wishes! We can all get our money back! Mr. TB One
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